6 Strategies to Make SEO and CRO Work Collectively

Is there any way to make CRO and SEO work together? Of course, yes, let’s begin with the defining SEO and CRO. 

1. SEO Search engine optimization: By the means of inanimate web engines, website get indexed and animate web searchers find the website through searching. 

2. CRO Conversion rate optimization: It is a process of attracting the target audience and navigating them through your website. 

The word optimization is common between SEO and CRO. However, there is a world of difference between these two processes. To work on both of them together is possible with the help of techniques. In accordance with human behavior and at the level of psychology, there is an occurrence of a few fundamental commonalities. 

Following are given 6 strategies that will help you to gain more 1. traffic, ranking and 2. Conversions with respect to SEO and CRO. 

1. Reduce the load time of your page: The page load time is the average time taken by page to appear completely on visitor’s screen. If your page takes time to display on the screen and is slow in loading then it can harm your audience and can prove to be negative to Google’s algorithm. It will make your audience lose interest and impatient. They will shut your website and you will lose conversions. Also, the search engines will get infuriated thus, it will tend you to lose on search engine optimization. 

Effect on SEO- One of the ranking factors used by Google is the speed of the page. For instance, consider two similar websites with only one difference, and that is loading speed. If one page loads slower than another, you will see that a faster loading page is ranking higher. 

Effect on CRO- If we see with the perspective of the audience, the page speed is an important factor that results in converting users. If the page is fast, it will gain conversions and a slow page will lose conversions. 

How to speed up your page?

Reduce the size of the image and enable caching. Also, shrink the size of your scripts, minimize the image segments, spacers, loading of background audio, flash elements, etc. 

Increasing the load speed impacts on the conversions and it is considered to be one of the best tactics, to get traffic and conversions. 

2. Add social sharing buttons: You might have seen social buttons on every website these days. These buttons are for different social platforms like google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. People use the buttons of social sharing to share content on different platforms. The social sharing icons, boost SEO as well as CRO. According to Google’s algorithm, it can be said that the pages with social signals are favored by the search engines. Therefore, it is beneficial to increase shares, likes, tweets, etc. The page is distributed by the visitors themselves, as they share the page, by getting impressed after reading or viewing it. 

More the sharing is, more the trust is built and a powerful trust signal is transmitted to Google. 

Where to place these buttons?

Landing pages, articles, videos, homepages, and anywhere else, you want to get your content shared and boost the page. For SEO as well as CRO, social sharing is a win-win situation. 

3. Focus on headlines: The headline is an important factor that affects SEO and CRO. The main element of the headline should be the keywords and it should be given the H1 tag. The search engine looks for H1 while indexing a page. When the content of H1 of heading shows relevance with the searcher's question, then that page, article, or blog is more likely to rank higher on the search results. 

To boost SEO, the content of the H1 tag is given the most importance. For example, your website is about assignment help services, you should target words like assignment, students, college, assistance, etc. Use these keywords in the heading, using H1 tag and gain valuable SEO potential. 

How does the headline impact users?

Not only search engines, but also the audience gets attracted by the headings in which the elements of need are present. For example, if a girl is looking for western dresses, she will look a headline involving the word western dresses in the headline. Thus, it can be said, better the headline, better will be SEO and CRO. 

4. Create long content: Creating unique content is very important to stand out in your niche. The long-form content is one of the smartest marketing moves one can make. Creating content more than other competitors help to increase the traffic because the conversations rates are higher on long landing pages. The pages with more content are very effective in making more sales. 

How does long content effects SEO? 

There is a profound effect of content length on SEO and the page with more content rank usually ranks higher on search engines like Google. Also, the long content receives more link and links are one of the best ways to boost the ranking. 

5. Place valuable and unique information: The unique elements can steal a ton of traffic from the internet and get it to your website. The websites with thin and spammy content always gear down due to Google’s updated algorithm. Also, if the content is not written with good quality and rich information the readers will show no interest. Thus, the conversion rate will decrease. To engage more visitors and get high ranking of your site, make sure to provide in-depth knowledge. 

6. Focus on keywords: SEO is highly impacted by the keywords and queries used by users. The short terms used by the people in order to find solution to their problem must be given special importance. A single keyword is capable to score your page for high ranking. When a person searches to buy a dress online, he/she mainly searches, dress for men or dress for women. By using keywords in content, titles, and headings, your page will result better in SEO.


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