7 Tips to Create an App Icon that Stand Out from your Competitors

We say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But we always do that. When we don’t find the book cover attractive, we don’t buy it. Same is for the movies; if the trailers don’t pique our interest, we don’t go for it.

Your mobile app icon also plays a similar role. When it’s not captivating or give a mundane look, then people aren’t going to download your app. Especially when they’re coming through organic searches.

So, it’s important that your app icon should be tailored to your app objectives and leave a pleasing impression on your customers. If you overwhelm your app with a huge symbol and color combination, then the first impression might turn negative.

In this article, I’ll share some tips to make your app icon stand out from your competitors.


1.    Think Out of the Box

You’ve created your app and you know how it functions, its objectives and target audience. So, the next step is to think of an idea for your mobile app development project. Search your competitors and filter similar apps on the Play Store and App Store. See their app icons, you’ll find most of them simple and unique. For instance, if you see the icon of Vimeo, it’s only a twisted V designed frantically. You also have to think of an icon that is simple yet unique.


2.    Select Specific Colors

It’s not good to choose a multi-color palette for your icon. It won’t only detract customers but will also give them a tough time to reminisce your logo. If your app belongs to a professional sphere, then simple colors like black, grey and white can also work. Take the Apple logo for example.


3.    Don’t Overload it with Text

The size of the app icon on the App store is 1024*1024 and on the Play Store is 512*512. So, in this limited space you can’t overload the design with text. Try to use creative graphics that convey your app mission. If you want the name as the icon then use the app initials creatively. Take the example of Pinterest, which uses the initial as the icon and the full name on top.


  4.    Design it in Vector Format

Designing your app icon in vector format will help you gain flexibility. Because afterward, you can convert it any of the formats you want. When you create an app icon, you’ll need it for branding on different sites; pamphlets or brochure design. When you have the icon in vector format, you can size and scale the icon according to the requirements. It’s better than changing the design later. 


5.    Don’t Add Photos

It’s not a good thing to add photos in the icon. If you take photos from the Internet and embed it in your app icon then it won’t give a professional look. Also, it will cause duplication. A great and successful app icon is designed from scratch creatively. 


6.    Test your Logo

Once you’ve created your app icon, put it as a dummy on the Play Store or the App Store. You’ll see it between the other logos and the comparison with them can help you decide your logo appearance. You can also test your app icon on your mobile screen and see how it looks with other apps. More better is to show the icon to others and take their feedback. It will help you to enhance the look and feel of your logo. 


7.    Create Variations

When you’re creating your app logo, never stick with one idea, create several variations. It will help you filter the best one among them. If you’re sketching your app idea on paper, then you can twist it a little and create three to four variations of the design. If you have a different plan for your app, also put it down on paper. The sketches will help you to decide whether your app icon deserves to be converted into the final design or not. 




If you want your icon to create a lasting impression, then you must do the prior work before. If you create your logo design company randomly, then it wouldn’t promise success. The above tips will help you to create an elegant icon for your app.


If you find it helpful, feel free to add your comments in the section below.  

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