8 Easy Tips for Cleaning Dirty Curtains

We yearn for a home that will provide us with the beauty and relaxing mood at all times. We desire that everything inside complement with each other like the color of the wall and ceiling to the home furnishings.

So much so, the curtains that we accentuate for the windows shall also be sophisticated and beautiful that is just right for our home. However, as time passes by the curtains, for example, blue curtains that we have for our home might look pleasing but you should pay attention to the dust that appears.

The dusty curtains without a doubt need cleaning it is worthy of. You should invest in some good devices like a backpack vacuum cleaner. On the contrary, we should give extra care in cleaning our curtains because improper washing will ruin the fabric, the shape, and the beautiful flow and drop.

These curtains give our home a dramatic look when parted and draped on the side. That is why we really need to provide care for all our curtains. Techniques are readily available that will make your curtains appear new again.

1. Invest In Fresheners

There are also freshener products out on the market so that your curtains will not stink. But, you have to use freshener products that do not contain harmful chemicals that will damage the fabric. This is because sensitive curtain fabrics may degrade due to some chemicals.

2. Take Help Of Professionals


Huge curtains are somewhat difficult to wash, so, they will need professional care. You can take the huge curtains to laundry shops because they have the right equipment that is best for this type of curtains. They have the right tools and cleaning solutions like softener products for any fabrics and many more. These will help in removing the wrinkles of curtains quickly.

In order for you to get rid of the dust for the curtains, you should procure backpack vacuum cleaners or even use the vacuums you already have at home. You have to make sure that the conventional vacuums you have at home shall be set low so that the machine will not swallow it.

3. Follow The Guidelines While Cleaning

For cleaning, you may check the care labels and guidelines that are included in the package. Fully lined curtains such as pencil pleat curtains shall be dry cleaned so that the quality of the fabric and the appearance are preserved. Always read the label!


This is the most important tip we can provide as all curtains are made up of different fabrics and compositions, subsequently they will all act differently to water, soap, detergents, chemicals, and heat. Therefore, what is excellent at removing unsightly marks from one fabric could be catastrophic to another!


4. Check the Rear Side Of Curtains Regularly

The rear side of the curtains shall be checked from time to time to ensure that they still look at its best and it can still be used over and over again. If the fabric is disintegrating, then, there is no possibility that you can use it again. Therefore, you should take care of the curtain rear side form time to time and clean the dust accumulated over it.


5.  Clean The Accumulated Dust Regularly

Curtains are particularly susceptible to the buildup of settling dust. By simply giving the curtains a gentle tug once a day either when opening or drawing them this will unsettle the dust helping to prevent excessive buildup. Also, clean the area in the surrounding of your curtains with a backpack vacuum with a powerhead so that nearby dust may not stick with them.

6. Protect It From Sunlight

One of the greatest enemies of a curtain is constant exposure to sunlight. Over time it breaks down and deteriorates the curtain. Therefore, wherever possible and practical try to keep your curtains open during daylights hours, this will help to reduce exposure to the sun.


Furthermore, it may be worth considering having a protective film placed over the windows, not only will this help to mitigate the damaging rays of the sun from your curtains but also your furniture and carpets.


7. Vacuum Clean Once A Month

It is advised to lightly vacuum your curtains once a month with the best backpack vacuum. Use a low-pressure setting and a soft-bristled brush. If your curtains incorporate intricate stitching, sequins or buttons take particular care, in such cases you may wish to lightly brush your curtains with a soft-bristled brush as opposed to vacuuming. Once again this will reduce the buildup of dust gathering in an unsightly fashion upon your curtains.


8. Special Attention For Kitchen & Bathroom Curtains

Kitchen curtains are the most susceptible to gathering dirt or grime. This is worth considering when selecting your choice of fabric; white silk, the dry clean only fabric may not be the best option.


As with kitchen curtains, bathroom curtains are also susceptible to the most grueling conditions with the presence of such high humidity. Once again this should be taken into account when selecting your bathroom curtains.

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