8 Most Popular Courses to Study in the USA for International Students

8 Most Popular Courses to Study in the USA for International Students

Many of the students want to study abroad and are confused in selecting the courses and the country. If you wish to select the United States of America, then that’s a perfect choice. As US is a popular choice for the students to study, also has a number of job opportunities. If you are unable to choose a university or a country, the best to search them is by checking its ranking. You can search for the world’s top 100 universities, in order to choose a country and university. Usually, the USA has a number of ranked universities and schools. Hence, if you have chosen this country, then it’s a wonderful choice.

Also, the growth and job opportunities are in abundance. One can easily apply for a work permit after completing their studies. Even part-time jobs can be done to have ease in meeting the expenses. Any kind of part-time job can be done. For example, if you are good at essay writing you can help others write their essays when they ask you write my essay. Or if you are good at formatting documents you can help them by formatting their documents.

8 Most Popular Courses to Study in the USA for International Students

Most Popular courses to study in the USA

Since, United States is a huge country with plenty of schools, colleges, and universities, making a choice becomes difficult. There are many courses that are prevalent and popular in US. But while choosing a career it is important to study its scope, growth and career opportunities and your interest in pursuing it are certain factors to consider.


Here’s a list of courses that are quite popular and have an amazing career opportunity:


1.   Management – Even though it is not necessary to earn a degree to start a business, still it is essential that one must study the concepts of business in detail. Management is all about making plans and strategies to accomplish business goals. There are certain managerial concepts that are essential to study like planning, organization, directing, controlling, staffing, etc. If you are not into being an entrepreneur and starting up your own business, then you go for job. In order to be a manager and at the managerial position of a company, it is essential that you have a management or business studies degree.


2.  Computer Science – Computer science course deals with the IT industry. Whether you want to be a web designer, web developer, software developer, graphic designer, network security analyst, ethical hacker, data scientist, etc. all of this is possible if you have a degree in computer science. IT sector provides jobs that are amongst the highest paid job in the world. IT provides a promising career and job opportunities. However, it is not a piece of cake to pursue a career in IT field as it a lot of dedication and programming knowledge is required. Some of the highest jobs in IT industry are Data scientist, Big data analyst, software developer, etc.

3.   Engineering – Engineering is another field that is very popular. Engineering is of many types like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aeronautical engineering, computer engineering, etc. It is really beneficial to choose to engineer. Mechanical engineering is the one that is the most employable one. Many students pursue it every year. Engineers have a great scope and they also provide a promising career and growth plans. The USA has a maximum number of multinational companies, due to this becomes easy for the students to get employed after the successful completion of their course.

4.   Medical – Medical is no doubt a great course to consider. There are many types of the department in a medicinal field. Medical science deals with the working of the human body, the internal structure, and the medicines, etc. Apart from being a doctor, you can also be a nurse, pharmacist, physician, etc. are other options. Working in this field provides a lucrative package. It also gives a sense of satisfaction as saving other's life is an absolutely different feeling. Hence, you can go for MBBS, Nursing, and similar other courses.

5.   Life Science – Life science is a field that has a lot of variety in it. It is not just limited to one thing. If you are pursuing a career in life science, you can go to a food scientist, zoology, microbiology, etc. It contains studying cells, organs, microbiological details of human beings, plants, animal and microorganisms. Further career options include being a food scientist, zoologist, microbiologist, etc. You can do a bachelor's degree or master and also PhD in this field.

6.   Law – A person educated in the law is called a lawyer. There are many career options in being a lawyer like litigation and trial lawyers, general counsels, judges, etc. A lawyer is one of the highest paying jobs in United States of America. Along with being highest paid job it is also a job that is high in demand. Lawyers can be in the field of finance and insurance, feral government, legal service provider, etc. Other than this, lawyers can also do job in other companies that are large, medium or small scale companies.

7.   Physiotherapy – You might have seen a physiotherapist in a hospital. But did you know it is actually a good career option? A physiotherapist treats patients from illness, diseases or injuries with the help of massages, exercises or by giving them heat treatments, etc. This can also be done along with giving the drug treatment or without it. Hospitals hire physiotherapist are willing to pay a good amount of package to them. One can also start their own clinic and offer private services. What some people do is do both – spend morning shift in the hospital and in the evening they work in their own clinic. In both ways, it a great opportunity to consider.

8.   Architecture – Architecture is the study of planning, designing and constructing the buildings. Although this career takes a lot of time and efforts it proves it worth later. In order to be an architecture one has to study for about 5 years. Also, work experience of 2 years is required. If we total it, it takes 7 years to be successful. But once, the study is completed the students are able to enjoy the pros of being an architect. Architecture is one of the highest-paid jobs and has a high status. Being an architecture one can easily charge a huge amount just for designing the layout or the blueprint of the building. It can be a house, building, mall, palace, etc. The price varies on the type of architecture that is to be built.

These are the most popular courses studied in the United States of America (USA). International students can go for it. Although, studying in America can be quite expensive but having an American degree is very valuable. However, you can do a number of part-time jobs to meet your expenses. You can provide write my essay  help, making presentation for students and charge for these services.  


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