A Family-Owned Business: Bremerton Wines

There are numerous families who obtained a piece of land and transformed them into vineyards. A shrewd decision, some would state. Today, we are going to educate you about one such family that purchased 40 ha of land, planted vines, sustained them, endured a flood and is producing wines that are sold globally. This isn't all, the winery has been deemed as 5-star-rated winery throughout the previous 11 years.

Situated in the Langhorne Creek wine region Bremerton Wines is a family-owned business that was set up in 1988. Operated by the Wilson family, for the most part by—Rebecca and Lucy. They are known as the Wilson sisters. Together, they have taken the brand to a higher level with their diligent work and enthusiasm. 



Meet the Wilson Sisters

In 2005, an article was published in the Wine Business Magazine (WBM) that discussed the Wilson sisters—Rebecca and Lucy. Rebecca is an enthusiastic individual and is always stressing herself over others. She thinks a lot and reacts quickly without thinking. However,  she is attempting to control it. Lucy, on the other hand, is far more practical than her sister is and the two of them share a great bond with each other and their families. With their qualities consolidated, they have amassed tremendous accomplishment since the brand was established, The family is focussed on making wines with premium quality grapes.


Grapes and Winemaking 

The winemaking process is headed by Rebecca and has set new benchmarks as far as quality is concerned. She looks out for the best parcels of fruit from their vineyards and full-bodied wines are created which are brimming with flavours. Moreover, a huge amount of money is invested in French and American oaks to get its characteristics in wines followed by stainless steel open fermenters and a barrel basement. 


Wines and Awards 

In the end, the endeavours of both the Wilson sisters proved to be fruitful, gathering numerous awards both at national and international levels. The wines have won Gold to Silver to Bronze in shows, for example, International Wine Challenge, Langhorne Creek Wine Show, Perth Royal Wine Show, and Royal Hobart International Wine Show. Don’t wait and buy Bremerton Wines online Australia.


At the cellar door, you can taste wines including your faves, appreciate the pleasant view and enjoy their food made from local produce.  It is open seven days every week, you can go with your friends and family. If you love attending wine and food shows then you should definitely attend the Cellar Door Festival at the Adelaide Convention Center. The celebration brings South Australia's best wine and food in one spot. The 3-day festival comprises of wine and lip-smacking food, masterclasses and have a lot of fun. The Bremerton wines will likewise be displaying its wines at the celebration. It will be justified, despite all the trouble! Why wait for the festival when you can buy wine online Australia.

That was all on Bremerton Wines. We hope you found the information worth your time. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. Till then, stay tuned for more posts.


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