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World travel

When one decides to experience world travel, the possible options are truly endless.  However, some unique places and events once experienced will not be soon forgotten.  The following are some suggestions that combine the beauty of Mother Nature, unique human activities, and luxury culminating into the kind of experience that belongs on everyone's 'bucket list'. Whichever world travel options you choose make sure to research what is included, the price, any safety concerns one may have, and book early in case of changes in dates or number of participants change.

World travel

Mt. Everest Base Camp Tour via Helicopter

At 29,029 feet Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth.  Many would love to climb this mountain but don't have the 40 days it takes to get there.  Taking a helicopter tour, however, affords one the aerial views that are not possible when climbing the mountain.  The everest base camp helicopter tour with landing averages about $1,250. Most of the tours begin in the capital city of Nepal, which is Kathmandu, journeying up the Eastern side of the mountain, which allows for the best angles to view the majesty of this popular peak.  Of course, tourists should book for the time of year they will be comfortable traveling in and prepare for changes in plans in case of severe weather conditions.


Turtle Island, Fiji

Made famous as the location of "The Blue Lagoon", this exclusive South Pacific location can accommodate only 14 couples at one time.  There are fourteen secluded beaches, horseback riding, tranquil blue waters for activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, seaside moonlit dinners, and romantic picnics.  The ultra-luxe wooden straw rooms called bures are 1,500 square feet and include fridges that are fully stocked.


Aurora Space Station Vacation

The Aurora space station is supposed to be launched in 2021 and welcome its first guests in 2022.  It will host six guests including two crewmembers at a time. The price is $9.5 million for a twelve-day space travel tour.  This tour will take the super-rich space travelers 200 miles into space into low Earth orbit (LEO) where they will witness spectacular views of the Earth. Travelers will participate in research projects and be allowed to return home with a one-of-a-kind souvenir.  Travelers will enjoy customizable sleeping pods, the best quality space food, zero gravity Ping-Pong, and growing food while in orbit. As mentioned, this is a near-future option.



Dog sledding in Norway

For dog lovers who are adventurous and want to see something new, dogsledding in Norway could be just the thing.  Places such as Alts or Tramso, which feature slopes of snow perfect for driving dogs allow for the sled drivers to compete, bond with the dogs, and experience an event they will not soon forget.


Tanzania Safari via Hot Air Balloon

In May and June, the migration of wild animals from Kenya to Tanzania including Serengeti National Park is a spectacular and heart touching site. The migration of zebras, lion, wildebeest, and many other species including crocodiles are worth the price for the aerial views. These hot air balloon rides should be booked well in advance due to their popularity. The price includes professional manning of the balloons to ensure there are no errors during flights.


Seeing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

Depending on how one feels about crowds may determine the best locations to view this unforgettable phenomenon. If crowds are a problem, then one should view from Alaska or Lapland. If crowds don't present a problem, Iceland makes a good choice.  Iceland also features Reykjavik's culture and arts scene. Iceland, the land of fire and ice is a popular choice of destination to view the northern lights due to the glaciers, ice caves, and an otherworldly lagoon one can relax in. One can also see the light show from Finland or Norway. As stated above, Alaska has fewer crowds and the city of Fairbanks is ranked as one of the best places on Earth to view this colorful light show of Mother Nature's.


Diving With sharks in South Africa

There are three destinations in South Africa popular for diving with great white sharks.  The first is Gansbaai, the second is in Simon's Town, and the third is in Mossel Bay. The sharks are some of the fiercest posters known to man making them a favorite experience for those who love adrenaline-inducing activities.  The tour guide to get their attention baits the sharks with blood. The package tours run from $100 to $2,000 depending on location, duration, and the number of participants. All guides are highly knowledgeable and all are concerned with tourist safety.


Luxury Spas in Las Vegas

There is a spa that features women's spaces, men's spaces, and coed spaces.  This is the Spa at ARIA. At this luxury spa, one can receive a one-of-a-kind spa treatment in one of these 62 rooms for spa treatments or use a Japanese Ganbanyoke Stone bed or salt room to meditate in.  This spa features an infinity pool. Or try the Vdara Hotel and Spa. This incredible spa is one of the more intimate spas yet it features a long list of spa treatments that one can receive in one of its eleven treatment rooms.  A favorite treatment offered is the "On The Rocks" treatment that includes a hot volcanic rock massage, a scalp massage, and a facial. This spa spans two floors but is not stuffy and it is more affordable than many other luxury spas.


These are just a few of the luxury world travel options found nowadays.  Whichever luxury tour or activity one chooses, it should be well researched and priced.  Different types of tours are popular at different times of the year. Also, the length of time one has for vacation will help determine one's final destination. Happy World Traveling.


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