What is the best food in the morning on a empty stomach?

stomach : Long back I accustomed daily drink two giant glasses of water on empty abdomen - I did that for 3–4 years. Later on, after I had severe digestion connected problems, I had to rethink all my habits associated with food, drink, exercise, rest, sleep and everything else. My Ayurvedic doctor recommended Maine to do reducing or stopping drinking most water early morning.




Then I started experimenting. I step by step reduced it to one glass, 0.5 a glass, and these experiments continuing for months along. What I ascertained was that there area unit days after I want additional water, and there have been days after I want less water. And there have been days after I felt like drinking no water in the slightest degree.


What is needed is to prevent analyzing what i need or or what I like; and instead with attention observant what I feel, and what happens after I drink solely a selected amount of water at a time.


It may well be a protracted long method, that may continue for weeks (months?) along. however sooner or later you'll notice that albeit a selected formula (of drinking x quantity of water on empty stomach) suits everybody else, you wish to try and do what your body desires at that moment in time.


Listening to the body and understanding what it desires is what a talent we want to step by step learn. With all the psychological biases and experiences that we've had within the past it's difficult to unlearn that data terribly quickly, however understanding what the body goes through and what it desires is that the best resolution to nice health.

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