Brock Turner || What do you think about the Brock Turner case?

Brock Turner :As a Stanford student, i'm shocked and sick by each Turner’s act and also the judge’s call. each were Stanford alumni United Nations agency i'm dishonored to possess gone to constant college with.

Brock Turner


When I initial detected f this case, i assumed justice would be done. I mean, he was clearly guilty no?

See i do know what area unit|you're} thinking: faculty rape cases area unit infamous for be he-said-she-said fights that are at the best inconclusive. If you are doing not grasp something concerning this explicit case, is it different? the solution is affirmative.


Usually, statutory offense on faculty campuses is tough to prosecute. certain you'll be able to prove that the sex happened. however the litigator is often simply attending to claim that it absolutely was accordant. Most cases stall right there and ne'er get past having no witnesses United Nations agency will break the dead end.

Our justice system holds innocence till tested guilty on the far side an inexpensive doubt jointly of our cornerstones. As terrible because it sounds, we tend to cannot convict anyone on such proof, notwithstanding they're most likely guilty. I take the victims, not simply of rape, however conjointly of murder and different crimes, however still believe our mantra of innocence till tested guilty is that the best we will do with AN imperfect justice system.


But Brock Turner’s case is totally different. Why? as a result of there have been eyewitnesses that caught him within the act of rape.


From the Huffington Post:

Just before one a.m. on Jan. 18, 2015, Jonsson and Arndt were riding their bikes on a path close to the letter Alpha fraternity. Jonsson told the cops that movement by a container caught his eye, and he saw a man on prime of a feminine United Nations agency was lying on her back, per a police report. At first, Jonsson and Arndt assumed the interaction was accordant. however Jonsson aforesaid he detected that the feminine wasn’t moving as he peddled by. “Something appeared weird,” he told police, as a result of the girl looked as if it would be unconscious. Jonsson and Arndt approached the container and loud “Hey” to the guy United Nations agency was later unconcealed to be Turner. He took off running, per the police report. Jonsson accomplished the girl was passed out and pursued when Turner, eventually catching and tripping him, the police report aforesaid. Officers {responded to|skilled|older|more matured|more experienced|more responsible|more established|seasoned|knowledgeable|versed|capable|competent|skillful|well-versed|tried ANd true|gone through|had|undergone|passed through|saw|felt|suffered} a decision concerning an unconscious feminine close to the letter Alpha fraternity concerning ten minutes later, per the report, and located Jonsson and Arndt holding Turner on the bottom. Witnesses told police that Turner had probably sexually abused  the girl United Nations agency was lying next to the container. Her dress was force up and her undergarment was missing.

As the cherry on prime for his guilt, Turner FLED THE SCENE once he saw them. Turner was drunk, however clearly acutely aware and functioning (how else does one suppose he might have run away). His victim was clearly unconscious. This case was concerning as cut and dried as cut and dried gets.

And somehow he still solely gets half dozen months.

Somewhere folks decision out concerning however he nearly created the athletics. Others cry that he already lost a scholarship to the varsity of his dreams. nonetheless in this noise, somehow a victim’s take justice is sunken .

That’s however you recognize the system is square-rigged.

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