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Dangal came in December of 2016. Hit above super-duper. Now his director 'Nitesh Tiwari' has brought his next film. The name is Chhichhore. There was no special promotion of the film, no disturbance at least from my eyes. So I went to see the film only on the hope that 'Dangal' is a director's movie, something good can be found. Did this expectation come true? Yes Of course. The film has lived up to the expectation.


Who are Chhichhore?

Before telling the quality of the film, let me tell one of its drawbacks. The title of the film does not suit the characters of the film at all. Of all the main characters, none of them can be called Chhichora.


Varun Sharma seems to be fooled by every film.Well, then the story begins with a divorced couple whose son is living in the stress of studies. He feels that being successful is the only option. And when he fails, he tries to die. Why? Because he believes that there is no point in living as a loser. Shocked by this extreme step of the child, the troubled parents do not understand what has happened! Then in the ICU, the father sits at the head of the son and narrates the stories of his youth to the son, when he and his companions used to be declared losers. Do not shout spoiler-spoiler, because what has been told so far is done in the first 10-15 minutes of the film.

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The real fun is in those stories that the father told his son. Those memories of his college life are from which your own nostalgia will jump out. And if you have ever stayed in a hostel, then you will feel strong connection to this film. Annie, Saxa, Acid, Mummy, Derek, Bewda and Maya. The college life of these seven will be able to tickle you and sometimes make you laugh.


What is quality

Chhichhore :The biggest feature of the film is that despite the name 'Chichhore', Humor is not a Chichhora. Does not hover over the border line of obscenity. Humer is such that it is easily visible among friends. Some punch lines, some scenes are very hilarious. Like Saxa's telling Annie that the hot girl in engineering college is like Heliz's comet, comes once in 76 years. The slogan writing scene for sports competition is fun. And the scene that makes the chef a fake coach creates a sense of humor. The film becomes big in these small moments.


The film also breaks a few stereotypes. Like, seniors who take ragging in Hindi films have always been bad. This is not the case here.


The film's humor is never vulgar. Also count the easy, beautiful acting of all the lead characters in the account of merits. Sushant Singh Rajput Jhakkas work. When talking to Shraddha for the first time, her stuttering scene is a wonderful certificate of her unique performance. In the film Boyz, Shraddha's part did not come much but as much as he did, he played well. Yes, in old age she seems to be more conversant than Sushant. Varun Sharma has become horrifically stereotyped. The 'Fukrey' spit does not come out from inside them. But it is also a matter that suits them all.

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Tahir Raj Bhasin also looks good in the role of worn-out senior Derek and Naveen Polisetti in the role of acid accustomed to abusing. Tusshar Pandey played the role of a timid student who remembers his mother on the matter. And Bewda, who used to diving in Daru, was gladly shookla to make a great pot. Shocked by the emblem Babbar. He has played the role of villain type senior. They should do more films.


Any other drawbacks?

Nitesh Tiwari's direction is excellent. He also maintains the balance of the humor and maintains curiosity in the story. Yes, the film has pulled a bit. Could be shortened. One more thing, when all the friends are shown old, their makeup looks very fake. Meaning only changed the face and the rest of the body is the same. It feels different. This too could have been avoided. Apart from this, everything else is tasty.


In the make-up department, the film seems to be hitting a bit. There is also a message

the film also gives an important message and that too without shedding the Ganges without knowledge. Laughing That is after the success of everyone, but no one tells what to do after the failure. Even if you always win, it is not necessary. If there is anything important, then you should not let the monster of failure dominate you. Just keep moving forward. The film is to be seen only for this message.

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