Why is eating curd at night bad for your health?

curd :Not simply curd, the Hindu Hindu deity shastras and Ayurvedic Shastras command to eat five styles of foods throughout getting dark .In my home we have a tendency to observe this rule terribly strictly.The 5 reasonably food things that square measure prohibited to eat throughout night times square measure

  • Nellikai or Amla
  • Oorukai or Pickle
  • Inji or Ginger
  • Keerai or leafed vegetables

Thayir or Curd

There could {also be|is also} a reason why these foods square measure prohibited however these restrictions also depends on the climate we have a tendency to live.

Curd provides heat to our body and so before sleeping throughout night times ,curd is prohibited.

I have detected folks|many of us|many folks} World Health Organization have told they need sinus issues take curd throughout getting dark and doctors additionally tell people to not eat curd throughout night.

During night times, our body produces additional heat and once we have a tendency to get up, once we take tub ,this heat is free and if we have a tendency to take curd throughout night times, our body produces additional heat.


In north Republic of India, overwhelming curd is common throughout night times as winters square measure long in north however in South ,curd is taken solely throughout morning and particularly throughout afternoons of winters and if its summer we have a tendency to go together with butter milk.


Moreover, even whereas serving Ilai sappadu( plaintain leaf meal), curd is served last throughout winters whereas Mor( butter milk) is replaced rather than curd throughout summers.

In winter, our body wants heat whole throughout summer, we want to chill our body.

Thus curd is unhealthy throughout summers {and throughout|and through} night times instead you'll be able to go together with butter milk during summers.

Similarly the opposite four mentioned foods are going to be having a reason they we should always realize.

Whatever our ancestors have told, its for a reason!

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