Daniel Johnston |Are there any good covers of songs by Daniel Johnston?

Daniel Johnston could be a terribly sophisticated figure within the music trade. If you wish to explore into his life more, i'd advocate the exceptional documentary The Devil in Daniel Johnston.


Daniel Johnston

I think tons of the charm to Daniel Johnston does not have such a lot to try to to with him being a 'genius' or unambiguously gifted (even although he's quite talented) such a lot because the feeling of unshrinking honesty and genuineness behind his music. it might be extremely tough to form AN argument that Daniel Johnston is simply in it for the money or is simply in it for the celebrity and fortune as a result of i do not assume his brain will even method those things within the means the majority do. therefore he is simply creating music for pure expression's sake, that is deeply refreshing.


Daniel Johnston

 That being aforesaid, I, personally, have some problems with tons of the Daniel Johnston esteem, as a result of to ME it sounds like we're exploiting somebody World Health Organization is genuinely unstable for our own amusement and aesthetic principles.


He is a really gifted soul, a really honest and open soul, however additionally a deeply troubled soul (self-destructive does not even begin to explain it) and we tend to|once we|after we} say things like "he's therefore brilliant" or "I want a lot of musicians were like him" we lose sight of the high value being procured that talent and honesty.



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