What is Dasahara? What is its importance?

According to Indian mythology dusshera is widely known as a result of Lord avatar came back to his home once fourteen years of Vanvas, and once defeating Ravana.On this present day, folks of Bharat offers one another sona or aptyachi paan or leaves of shami tree.There is a awfully fascinating story concerning why we tend to offer the leaves of "Shami" to every different on Dusshera/Dasahara. they assert that once Pandavas visited "Adnyatwas" they hid their weapons on Shami tree. And once the Adnyatwas was on the brink of finish the Kauravas took away the cows of Raja Virat below whose shelter Pandavas lived. thus to save lots of the cows Arjun got his weapons back from the "Shami" tree which was "Dusshera" ,There is another terribly fascinating story concerning the "Aptyachi pana" (Leaves of Shami tree). It goes like this:


Once there was a boy named Koutsa, UN agency wished to supply Gurudakshina to his Guru. His guru once Koutsa insisted, asked for fourteen crores (140 Million) of gold coins. currently Koutsa didnt have as several coins thus he visited King Raghuraja. to satisfy his demand, Raghuraja determined to attack Indra and find the cash. however once Indra came to grasp that Raghuraja was progressing to fight him he was frightened, later he knew the most reason of the fight. thus he requested Kuber to load the "Shami" tree with gold coins. currently Koutsa offered all the coins to his guru however Guru accepted solely fourteen crores of coins and asked Koutsa to place the remaining back on the tree. presently those coins were distributed among folks, and since that day, on "Dusshera " we tend to offer one another the "Aptyachi Pane" leaves symbolically.


Finally, all Indian festivals area unit celebrated with their families wherever we tend to meet our cousins and friends, and thereon day everyone seems to be happy and need for his or her prosperous life.


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