How To Buy A House In DHA Multan?

DHA Multan Authorized Dealers

Multan is the most famous city in South Punjab. It is also called the heart of South Punjab due to its popularity and beauty. It is also considered the most rapidly growing city of Punjab. Due to which many businessmen are moving towards this city for their upcoming projects.

DHA is also launching its project of a housing colony in Multan. The location of the colony is the supreme location of the city. All the linked roads are the famous and important roads of the city. This feature makes it feasible for everyone in the city and the person who wants to buy a house in it.

Furthermore, the colony is considered the safest colony in the country. This is because the panel of organizers mostly consists of retired general of Pak Army. Due to their experience in the related field, they provide a secure environment for their residence.

DHA is a gated community that uses security cameras for the protection of its people. There are many techniques used for this purpose that are not yet used in the entire country. That is why it is considered the most secure colony of the country.

How To Buy A House In DHA Multan?

To buy a house in DHA Multan, you would have to contact DHA Multan Authorized Dealers. There are various dealers you can contact for this purpose. Some famous companies or agencies are A & A Enterprises, Al-Noor Associates, Bridge properties, Ali and Co. and many others.

All these agencies are authorized with DHA and trustable for dealing with them. You can contact any of them for your fair and honest dealings with the organizers. Ali and Co are one of the best real estate agency among all the above-mentioned list of agencies.

Ali and Co, are the best due to the facilities that they provide to clients for proper dealing. This company gives free traveling to the land they are interested in. Also, the behavior of their agents with clients is so friendly that any confusion can be cleared without hesitation.

Furthermore, for an out of station client, they arrange a stay of day or night at the famous hotels of the city. They provide a free meal in this stay and give them a comfortable environment to deal with the sellers.

Which Steps You Will Have To Follow For This Dealing?

First of all, you will have to select the patch of land or a house you want to buy. For the selection of land, you can contact an agent from Ali and Co. who will guide you about your purpose of dealing. After the selection of land, you will have to deal with organizers if it has not bought by anyone.

In this case, you will have to pay Rs. 200,000 as a token after the adjustment of the amount of house. After this, you will have to pay Rs. 67,000 for the issuance of the Allocation and Intimation letter. In the end, you will get the ownership of the house when you will pay the total amount of it to the agents of organizers.

In some cases, when the house or land has bought already from someone. You will have to deal with that person directly instead of agents of organizers. In this dealing, the buyer and seller both will have to pay a transfer fee for the transfer of a file. Also, the buyer will have to submit some important documents to the office of DHA Multan.

By following the above procedure through Ali and Co. you can make the dealing fair and comfortable for you.

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