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Google ReviewsToday we touch a very important issue for many companies and it is that online reputation is increasingly important and more companies are benefited or affected. And the internet is a wonderful space but also very anonymous that allows us to do a lot of good but also creates a lot of damage.

google review

A user has the ability to sink a company without any consequences, maintaining total anonymity

That of buying reviews ... What is it?

Except that you have a business, you probably don't know what it is, or if you have one, And it is that reviews can be easily manipulated as happens with visits to websites and this occurs on platforms such as Trip Advisor or the same that we treat Google My Business. Knowing that it is possible to play with the investment-based system, We should guide our efforts.

Both Trip and My Business platforms are designed for users to recommend hotels, businesses and restaurants improving the choice of future customers if they look for them almost all the profiles coincide. It is completely normal that today and being so effective for positioning your competition attacks you, t. But this does not imply that we should, therefore, buy reviews for Google badly and I perfectly understand the urgent effect that companies have but trying to fix their reputation completely destroy it. If they receive an attack, the first calm thing is not that they end up as the owner of Font Bistro in Madrid. Is the fault of the companies? How to solve this? No, the fault is ours without more. It is clear that the easiest option is to buy reviews on Google, and multiple companies have already appeared on the internet that offer different packs with the option to buy reviews for Google such as Imperator or others such as Compare Segidores. Despite this, there are more alternatives                     Some ways to get reviews on Google

In online marketing more and more money is what makes everything and offers the best results, despite this there are ways to get reviews without paying or at least complementing the payment methods to use. You can ask all the people you can Telling friends, family, and customers. In some cases, it can be annoying but a way to get reviews for my business for free, is not a very natural way but it is one of them. It is a limited option and in case you have a good number of reviews you will barely have an impact but… it doesn't hurt and it can save you some money.  Perform social media advertising It's another way, but the truth is that the price will be much higher than buying reviews on Google. Most likely, the reviews you get are few but there is always the possibility depending on how you guide your campaign. Put a poster on your business. For restaurants, it is a widely used practice. Many locals have the Trip Advisor sticker asking for your review. You can search the Internet for something similar for Google or better I leave here the sticker ready to print: Send an email to all your customers This is done by Amazon itself, after any purchase a week they send an email asking for a review about the product. In the event that in your business you collect emails from customers, this option is a possibility and you can even combine it with sending exclusive discounts for customers. Offer discounts for opinions More options, if you do it by email better.

google review

You can get many users to leave a review on Google My Business about your business in this way. Everyone loves discounts. Use social networks. Social networks are also for companies and not just to publish your photos. Companies always move towards the mass where they can find customers and you can get a lot of people to evaluate and review your business or some aspect of it, such as customer service. Additional tips for getting reviews on Google I do not want to rule out buying reviews because today it is impossible (or almost) to compete without doing so, in the future, we will see. If you try to improve your online reputation make sure you improve it and not make it worse or you will lose credibility and will accuse you of obtaining false reviews such as the 2 companies mentioned above that must have made sure to hire a company that does ensure privacy. And here the tips to enhance these reviews: Important relocation, profiles with an excessively distributed geographical distribution is very suspicious. Always respond to negative and positive reviews. And make it calm not like the examples we've seen before. When buying reviews whenever they are distributed over time, it is not natural to have 10 publications in 1 day. Try to vary the score With these tips and simply following a common-sense strategy, we can give a healthy life to online business profiles. As a recommendation of a company that follows these principles, you can see Imperator that has additional tools and included in their packs. By last…


Can you delete reviews in Google My Business?

You can report them but they won't delete them. Companies are now exposed to reputational attacks that can completely destroy a business, despite this, Google does not respond to complaints of false reviews despite indicating that they do. Final Note to the Consumer Lets be more fair, value efforts and criticize constructively. We are the users who make the internet a better place and we should not try to harm or harm any business. It is always better to try to find a solution.  Companies with hundreds of customers a day will always have problems over the years with some "characters" or are it that all the people they have met in your life have seemed reasonable at all times?

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