Google Voice has been a great initiative started by Google Company. It has some amazing features for its users. It's been around for almost a decade now, some of its features have indeed lost the relevance over the years but it can still be used for many purposes.


Breaking down "Google Voice Number":


Google Voices was initially called (Grand Central). It was created on 11 March 2009. It's a kind of telephone service that provides voicemail service and calls forwarding service too. But many people are still not aware of its benefits.


There are many compelling reasons why one should have a Google Voice number. Some of them are the following:

  • Make and receive calls from Gmail. Text from your cell phone or browser.
  • Portable phone numbers.
  • Voicemail with written text.
  • Forward your calls easily.
  • Set your rules and priorities.
  • Block any phone number.
  • Switch phones.
  • Free of cost application.
  • Group messaging.
  • Cheap rates of international calls.
  • Personalized greetings.
  • Record calls.


Make and Receive Calls from Google:

Google enables everyone to place free calls to Canada or the US from Gmail. These calls will look like a random shared number that your recipients won't recognize. You can even receive incoming calls in Gmail and answer them from your pc. Google Voice integration is now a part of Google Hangouts, so it’s also integrated into Google+ and the Hangouts Chrome extension.


Text from Your Cell phone or Browser:

One of the best features of Google Voice Number is Text messaging. It enables you to send and receive texts in your browser from the website of Google Voice or via the Google Voice Chrome extension. The official application of Google Voice also enables you to text--free of cost, from your cell phone.


It also has the option of Archives, where you can search your text online. This way you won't lose your important texts when you reset or buy a new phone.

 Voicemail with Written Text:

Google Voice not only offers voicemail but it also uses Google's advanced speech recognition technology to transcribe your voicemail and turns it into written/readable text. Amazing isn't it? And if by any chance Google Voice transcribes wrong or messed up voicemails, then you can check the audio file that Google Voice attaches with every transcription.


Cheap Rates of International Calls:

If you want to stop spending a pretty good amount of your money on egregious rates charged by different mobile carriers then you must use this feature of Google Voice. It offers cheap rates when you call on some international numbers. Google Voice typically runs between one and five cents per minute, depending on the country you’re trying to reach. That’s a lot cheaper than what mobile carriers will bill you.

Forward your Calls easily:

Google Voices gives you a phone number so you can use it for multiple devices. By doing this you won't have to remember your cell phone, landline or office number. Once you set up the call forwarding feature, the calls made to any of your numbers will be redirected to your Google Voice number. You can link up to six phone numbers. You can also decide which devices to ring for personal calls or work calls by dedicating numbers in the "Options" area.


 Block Any Unwanted Number:

Google Voices allows you to block calls from unwanted numbers. Once you block a number and the caller makes the call, the blocked caller will receive the message "Number, not in service". The other person thinks that you have deleted your number so it will be better for you, getting out from their lists.


Group Messaging:

Google Voice had already introduced the "Free Text Messaging" feature when it was first created. In 2017, when Google redesigned it, the group messaging feature was introduced to its users. It also enables you to send MMS messages too.

 Personalized Greetings Voicemail:

The personalized greetings in Google Voice customized calls to send to specific people. Google Voice also offers this feature where you can customize greeting calls for special persons or even groups. It's commonly used by small businesses.


·Record Calls Easily:

This is everyone's go-to feature of every application. Google Voice also has this feature where you can record your calls easily. You just need to press the number four on the dial pad of your cell phone. This is one of the well-integrated features of Google Voice.

 Free of Cost Application:

Do people usually wonder if Google Voice takes any charges to download or upgrade? The answer is No. Google Voice application itself is completely free. There are some of the features that require you to pay like International calls feature but most of them are free which is great for its users.

Portable Phone Numbers: 

Google Voice gives you a number that has the easiest portable function. For example, if you want to reset your phone, or if you have lost your phone and want to buy a new one or if you want to move from one cellular carrier to another You can easily forward your Google Voice number on any other device that you want to use and avoid getting into tensed standard process of porting a cell phone number to another device.



Google Company always comes up with different and unique applications with eye-catching features. Google Voice is one of them. It has the ability to be in the market place for more years from now. Although with the evolution of smartphones, the Google Voice applications may be swept in the rug it will always be useful for those who know its value. It has features that you may find on other applications too but the integration of this application cannot be compared to any other application. With that being said, Google Voice application will always rank among one of the smartest application of Google.




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