Housefull 4 | What is your reaction after watching the trailer of Housefull 4?

Housefull 4 | What is your reaction after watching the trailer of Housefull 4It looks downright stupid and worsening to American state. Nothing to create American state watch it longer than 1mimutes thirty seconds. intolerable one minute thirty seconds.

It is not the least bit funny. The dialogues appear to undertake to create one laugh however fail miserably in doing that.

Housefull 4 Housefull 4

Like the different elements of Housefull, this conjointly appearance filled with lots of actors and actresses, Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh being the clearly expected actors.

I really don't have any interest in look this motion-picture show if i used to be to make a decision by look the trailer. The trailer appearance atrocious to American state.

Comedy movies {are|ar|area unit|square American stateasure} nice entertainers however this feels like torture to me. I will not be wasting any cash or time on this. If the trailer is that this idiotic the motion-picture show are even crazier. The trailer isn't price three minutes thirty six seconds of your previous time. do not waste some time look it.

When half-dozen lovers ar compound due to AN evil conspiracy and revenge within the era of 1419, they cross methods yet again in 2019.

Housefull 4

However, within the gift life the three boys fall soft on with the incorrect girls and ar on the brink of marry their sisters-in-law. As destiny would have it history repeats itself once the three couples finish up in Sitamgarh yet again, wherever it all began. can they keep in mind their past lives in time for wedding or can they be curst the incorrect lovers forever? Housefull four is returning to confuse you, place you on a happy riot and take you thru the grandeur of 1419 with a spark of 2019. come back & witness this Epic Reincarnation Comedy.

To know the total story behind Housefull four ,watch this video

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