How to breeze through Persona 5? Fusion explained

How to breeze through Persona 5? Fusion explained

Persona 5: It seems that recently, people have started to adore roleplaying games more than action-based, intense fighting ones. But don't take roleplaying lightly, since we've got interesting and alluring games in this region as well.

Today we have Persona 5 fusion to review. This game has attracted players from all around the globe and thanks to its difficulty level, people are finding new ways to beat the game.

The plot revolves mainly around teenage students that have developed new-found powers and they intend to use these against evildoers in society. 

But how does one add spice to the game? There is a method to obtain better results in the game and that is known as Fusion. 

Yes, Persona 5 has this unique function.

Fusing Personas can be tricky if you use the wrong methods. Luckily, we'll explain them in this article.

First off, how to do fusion? 

Simply walk into the velvet room and fuse!

Note: your inventory will keep stocking up on Personas so clear them out quickly by producing random fusions.

But wait, there are four types of fusions you can do, we'll brush over them quickly. 

Random Fusion: This is the first and the simplest method of fusing Personas. Here, you take two personas and fuse them together to produce a low-level fusion. You can do this if you want to organize your inventory by getting rid of useless personas.

Advanced Fusion: I'd like to call this one technical fusion. It requires three or more personas to produce a single result. However, the fused persona will have a high level which you may not be able to use since it doesn't correspond with your level - so you're likely to not use this type of fusion.

Fuse by result: This is a useful way to effectively organize your inventory and to produce your best personas (fused) at the same time.

Hitting two objectives with one stone, that is.

With this option, you can review all the personas you can create from your currently equipped ones and sort them according to their levels.

Network Fusion: Another fusion option that players seem to depend on. This is a type of a 50/50 situation where either you win or lose. Basically, a random player sends in a persona and so do you, the result then is what you obtain after the fusion. 

It could be a success or a failure. 

Hence, people mostly prefer going for "fuse by result" since it allows them the most control over the fusion process.

There are a few tips and tricks Persona 5 players can apply to improve their game - we'll get to that in a while.

But before, it is important to add that fusion does help in improving your game. First off, you cannot find these powerful fused personas in the wild. Secondly, fused personas gain more experienced and thirdly, you can choose the attacks on your own, making a set that has a variety of attacks to defeat enemies in the game.

Now that that's out of the way we'll get to the suggestions part.

Some players tend to rely on a few personas till the end. This is not recommended since fusing personas repeatedly increases the chance of receiving higher level personas with which you can defeat the game easily. So don't stop on one only.

And always go for the fuse by result method. You're allowed greater control over the results and unlike the other methods where little rests in your hand, you have more probability with this type to score better personas.

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