How To Install Wordpress In 2020

How To Install Wordpress In 2020:WordPress is well-known for its ease of installation. Under most circumstances, installing WordPress is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete. Many web hosts now offer tools (e.g. Fantastico) to automatically install WordPress for you. However, if you wish to install WordPress yourself, the following guide will help.

How To Install Wordpress In 2020 Step:

Step 1:Log into your cPanel

Step 2: Go to Software section, then click on the Softaculous icon and then click wordpress logo.

How To Install Wordpress In 2020

Step 3:  This will open a screen with several options displayed. You will see a screen with Install, Overview, Features, and Import. Click on the Install Now  link.


How To Install Wordpress In 2020

Step 4: Fill in the WordPress installation details. The following is the necessary information you need to fill in: 

A:Choose Domain: Select the Domain you want to install your WordPress on from the drop-down menu

A: Remove Wp option In Wp directory

How To Install Wordpress In 2020

C:Admin Username: Enter a username for your WordPress Dashboard login.

D Admin Password:Enter whatever password you want for the Dashboard Login.

E:Admin email:Enter a valid email here. The system will place an invalid email here. you will need a valid one.

Wordpress 2020


F:Click Install.

Wordpress 2020Softaculous will check the submitted data and install the files to your server for WordPress

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