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kabir singh | Kabir singh full Movie review | Download|2019 cast :When Devdas failed in love, he drowned himself in alcohol and started on the path of destruction. Something similar happens with Kabir (Shahid Kapoor), the lead character of Kabir Singh. While Kabir was addicted to cigarettes and alcohol even before he failed Ishq, but when he fails to marry Preeti (Kiara Advani), he gets drunk from alcohol, drugs and cigarettes day and night. Not only this, Kabir, a surgeon by profession, also performs surgeries of people in this condition.

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'Kabir Singh' is a Hindi remake of the South Indian film 'Arjun Reddy'. It is a simple love story, in which Kabir's character makes the story different. Kabir is very angry. He loses his temper in a few seconds. He is in college and everyone is afraid of him. He is a topper in studies, but alcohol and girls are his weaknesses.


When Preity takes admission in college, Kabir gives her heart as soon as she sees him. Announces throughout the college that this prisoner is mine, no one will bother him.


Preeti is a quiet girl. Kabir teaches him. Rotates. When he gets hurt and the Boys take him to his room in the hostel. Kabir takes admission in a college in another city to earn a master's degree and cannot live without Preity. The same condition is of love. The two decide to get married, but it is not easy.

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Some things in the story are objectionable. Kabir considers girls as his fiefdom. Seeing Preeti, he tells that Preeti belongs to her. Just decided. No one asks what Preity wants.


In this film, Kabir's thinking is not good towards women. He maintains the same kind of thinking about women. When the time comes, he also takes the girl's clothes off the knife point.


While watching the film, most people will see Preeti very innocent, but she is not the innocence of heroine. Kabir said on seeing her that if she is mine, she does not protest.

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Kabir singh takes her out of class and she leaves quietly. Kabir takes her to her room and crosses the boundaries even if she does not say anything. Now it is a foolish thing to find innocence in it.


Kabir and Preity's love story seems one-sided. While watching the film, it seems that Preity is supporting Kabir only because she is afraid of him.


Anyway, instead of Kabir and Preity's lovestory, the director and writer have given more footage of Kabir's self-destruction. With this excuse, he has got a lot of opportunity to show Kabir's mental condition and he has tried to create entertainment by Kabir's antics.



Let us assume that this is the story of a character who has poor thinking towards women. He is spoiled. But director Sandeep Reddy Vanga glorified it. It seems that Kabir is showing heroism by doing all these things. Is doing a huge job and this thing is unbelievable while watching the film.


Somewhere the message goes that if you want to get a girl, then you follow her and she will agree. Here Kabir tries to win Preeti's heart from Dadagiri.


About Kabir, a friend says that if he walks without clothes at the railway station, then the girls' line will be installed. In the film, a famous heroine goes to Kabir for treatment and she also agrees to have a physical relationship with Kabir in a few meetings. After all, is there such a thing in Kabir that girls start dying on him? This is beyond comprehension.



Even those who do surgery after drinking alcohol do not check. They have been tried to justify this by saying that even in the state of intoxication, Kabir did not harm any patient.


The length of the film is also going to vary. The last hour of the nearly three-hour film is a victim of repetition. Kabir's constant drinking and drinking, sometimes his friend or brother's interruptions keep on repeating this and the film stops.


Director Sandeep Reddy Wanga has made the film stylish and keeps the pace fast so that the evils of the script are hidden. He also directed Arjun Reddy and made almost the same scene by scene with minor changes. They could not muster the courage to do something different from the end of the film. If a negative character gets what he wants at the end of the film, this cannot be said right.


The music of the film is good and the songs sound good in the background. The cinematography is superb, but the editing is not tight.


Shahid Kapoor has played the role of angry and spoiled Kabir well, but sometimes this character seems to be missing from him. In many scenes he has introduced emotions to Trivata. Kiara Advani did not leave any significant impact. They had nothing to do much. The focus of the entire film was on Shahid, so other actors did not get special opportunities.


This film only highlights the craze of Kabir Singh.


Banner: T-Series, Cine 1 Studio

Producers: Bhushan Kumar, Murad Khetani, Krishna Kumar, Ashwin Verde

Director: Sandeep Reddy Wanga

Music: Amaal Malik, Vishal Mishra, Mithun, Sanchet-Tradition

Artists: Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Arjan Bajwa, Suresh Oberoi

* for adults only

Rating: 2/5


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