How to maintain a good profile (bio) on matrimonial site

How to maintain a good profile (bio) on matrimonial site

In your quest for your charming prince or your dream girl, creating a nice marriage profile with the right quantity of information is an significant thing. If you're thinking about what to include and what not, how to put in an exciting manner all the important information, how to draw potential profiles, etc.

The first and foremost requirement for a good online marriage is to present the correct manner to yourself or to your son / daughter. An interesting marriage profile allows the right people to visit your profile and approach you for a chat or further conversation.

Here are few tips by Saurabh Goswami, Founder, Ultra Rich Match to maintain a good profile on

matrimonial site:

1. Fill in your name correctly where the name is divided into three sections, named first, middle, and last name.

2. Importantly fill in your birth information where you must mention the precise date and moment of your birth and also location of birth.

3. In the age box, add your real age, as this would offer you a list of only those profiles that would suit your age.

4. Mention the height if you don't want to be deprived of a prospective profile, it doesn't fill the fake height because it won't assist you find the ideal partner.

5. If you want your partner to be equally eligible, you will discover the end amount of profiles equal to your qualification after filing this.

6. Provide work descriptions or your profession; this will allow you to be shortlisted by the other employees if they are looking for a partner in the same industry as you.

7 Refer to your parents ' information that include their name and profession. There are many individuals who prefer to get married to a well-educated family and adding this to your marriage profile would add more opportunity to find a dream mate.

8 Mention yours caste, society, and religion if you're searching for a spouse that belongs to the same caste group and religion. This will save your time where you would only get the profiles that belong to you instead of searching through the infinite profile.

9 Upon completion of all the above-mentioned data, fill in the valid address of your residence or merely the place where you live and where your family lives, as this will assist you find a partner according to the geographical region of your choice. And adding this info will authenticate your profile.

10. Lastly, you just need to fill in the partner preference, where you need to say what kind of individual you want to have as a partner in your life. What characteristics should they have, such as schooling, occupation, family, caste, community, and religion. You can also mention whether or not there is no caste bar. There you have the full responsibility of describing yourself in a scriptive manner, but not much.


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