Modi raises Imran’s ‘extreme’ anti-India rhetoric with Trump

In a 30-minute phone call with US President, he also expressed hope for early trade discussions


india and Us:Alluding to recent statements by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday told US President Donald Trump that extreme rhetoric and incitement to anti-India violence by certain leaders in the region were not conducive to peace.


According to a government state- ment, Modi and Trump had a 30-minute telephonic conversation. “In the context of the regional situation, the

 prime minister stated that extreme rhet-oric and incitement to anti-India vio-lence by certain leaders in the region was not conducive to peace,” it stated.


Modi, the statement said, highlight-ed the importance of creating an envi-ronment free from terror and violence, and eschewing cross-border terrorism without exception.


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The prime minister recalled his meeting with Trump in Osaka on themargins of G-20 summit in end-June.“The PM expressed the hope that the commerce minister of India and the US trade representative would meet at an early date to discuss bilateral tradeprospects for mutual benefit,” the state-ment read.


However, the Osaka meeting had led to some confusion between the US and India. On July 22, while addressing the media, along with the Pakistani PM in Washington, Trump had said Modi at their Osaka meeting asked him to medi-ate between India and Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir. India and the US hadlater denied the claim.


Modi, the statement said, recalled that Monday marked 100 years of the independence of Afghanistan. “The PM reiterated India’s longstanding and unwavering commitment to work for united, secure, democratic and truly independent Afghanistan,” the state-ment said. The US is in talks with the Taliban for reaching a peace deal before

pulling out its troops from there. On Sunday, the Pakistani PM in a series of tweets said that the “Hindu Supremacist Modi government poses a threat to Pakistan as well as to the minorities in India...”


“The world must also seriously con- sider the safety and security of India's nuclear arsenal... This is an issue that impacts not just the region but the world,” Khan tweeted. He said the UN should send its observers to Kashmir. On Friday, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had said India’s nuclear ‘no first use’ policy could be reviewed. Sources said the statement was a warning to Pakistan, which does not ascribe to the ‘no first use’ policy to not indulge in any misadventure.

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