Nadal is one step further away from the title

Nadal: Spanish star Rafael Nadal made it to the US Open final after beating Italian player Matteo Beratini 4-1, 6-3, 6-1. Russian star Danil Medvedev will face off in the final.

The first set won. It took about 5 minutes to win. Although Nadal won in the first set, it seemed that Italian star Matte did not leave Nadal today. But in the next two sets, Dordand returned to glory with the 'Spanish Matador'. The next two sets were all won in 12 minutes. And it did not burn out and burned. Nadal made it to the US Open final after beating the Italian star 4-6, 6-3, 6-6.

Nadal Nadal


Nadal will compete with Russian star Danil Medvedev in the final. Medvedev defeated Roger Federer in the semifinals of the day by defeating Grigor Dimitrov 6-1, 6-3, 6-5. Medvedev made it to the finals of the first Grand Slam Open. Meanwhile, Nadal made it to the Grand Slam Open 25 times by going to the US Open final. Only Roger Federer has made it to the finals more than twice in his history.

Nadal returned after having overcome those fears in the first set. He also noticed the mistakes of the first set, 'I couldn't use one of the six break points in the first set. It was a little disappointing. Several free points have been lost. Besides, nobody would want to play in a tiebreaker against such an opponent. " But later I got over it. I was finally able to return to the match well. I've been able to play offensive tennis. "

Roger Federer is not a barrier. Novak Djokovic has also been dropped. Stars like Stanislas Vavarinka, Dominic Thiem, Gael Monfils have also been out. Nadal has got the blank ground to win the fourth US Open. Yet if Medvedev defeated Nadal, that would be one of the surprises; However, Nadal defeated Medvedev 4-1, 6-5 in the Canada Masters.

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