New immunological detection may help treat all types of cancer

Scientists were looking for unconventional methods that were not previously discovered by the natural immune system attacking tumors, and what they found were T-cells inside the blood, which are immune cells that scan the body to decide whether there is a threat that must be eliminated, and the difference is that these cells are able to Attacking a wide range of cancers, according to Professor Andrew Sewell, these cells highlight the concept of a single treatment for all types of cancer.

T cells have receptors on their surface that allow them to see on a chemical level. Cardiff's team discovered T cells with their receptors that can find and kill a wide range of cancers in the laboratory, including lung, skin, blood, colon, breast, prostate, ovary and kidney cancer, where receptors interact with molecules called MR1 is found on the surface of every cell in the human body.


MR1 molecules are believed to report the immune system to distorted metabolism that occur within cancer cells, and according to researcher Garry Dolton, his team was the first to describe T cells able to find MR1 molecules in cancer cells, and this opens the way for new treatments that are summarized by sampling. From the patient’s blood, extracting T cells from them and genetically modifying them so that they can make receptors that are able to detect cancer cells.

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