What is the Best NFL Team of All Time ?

Can you name your high 10 favorite NFL teams?

No one has “ten” favorite NFL groups. that's not however following works. individuals have one team that they like, and thirty one groups that they scorn. perhaps two groups if they need conflicting concepts in their lives- by method of example, I, a New York Giants fan wont to date a port of entry 49ers fan, thus whereas that beautiful lady was in my life, I “was a fan” of the Niners. Or, like, if your mum was from Philly and your pater was from Houston, thus you’re rather born into Eagles AND Texans following.

But this can be a slippery slope! you retain taking part in quick and loose, and shortly enough you’ll have this abomination on your hands:


nfl power rankings


THAT FAMILY is that the WORST. A bunch of fairweather shitheads. I feel sure that I will say objectively, this can be the worst fucking family within the universe, fictional or otherwise. Let’s bear a play-by-play of the narration to actually perceive simply however awful these individuals are:

"We set out as a Vikings family."

Wait, what the fuck? Why square measure they geographical area babies? Neither Brendan NOR imaginary creature Sports Gal employee just like the Bengals. Did they merely move to Cincy and were like, "Well, we’re here. Guess these very little fuckers got to like Andy John Dalton and Vontaze Burfict currently." perhaps Sarah’s oldsters square measure Bengals fans. perhaps they stirred there for the free day care and her high-handed father demanded her female person raise those youngsters as members of United Nations agency Dey Nation or one thing. perhaps that’s why married woman became associate Eagles fan within the 1st place. She got bored stiff with pater, fled to Philly, became a unchaste drunk Philly fan, and complete up sinking with some pudding of a Vikings fan. I bet she thinks of feat each single day.

"Then my girl Julie met Emmitt Smith and ne'er allow us to forget it!"

Really? Well then, get FUCKED, Julie. All it took was one selfie with Emmitt and currently you’re a Cowboys bandwagoner? What the hell is wrong with you? And you’re BRAGGING regarding it? i'd not invite Julie to Thanksgiving dinner. i'd cut her out of the desire. See if your new bestie Emmitt can invite you over this year, lady. perhaps he’ll serve you gaoler and snuffly.

nfl power rankings


Yes, you did. And you must have STAYED that method. that's however being an addict fucking works. you choose your team, which is your team forever. If you were stupid enough to select the Vikings, tough shit. (SIDENOTE: At this terribly moment, the Vikings really seem like they might be a reasonably tight team! perhaps this family started off pretty smart)


"Until my son Brendan met married woman, from Philly …"

Okay, currently wait a second, I’m gonna act and press Pause here. look into Brendan. No method he dates married woman. He’s a pasty schlub and she’s a smoking hot imaginary creature Sports Gal employee. I can’t believe a billboard song to me!

"… got married, stirred to Cincy, and had geographical area babies."

"And once years of uptake Roethlis-Burgers, my son Dan became an addict of the guy too!"

Dude, did these individuals even just like the Vikings in the slightest degree to start with? They can’t WAIT to seek out new asshole groups to root for. My God. You Ate a bunch of hamburgers and currently clock is your hero? you recognize regarding the rape allegations and his grey phallus and every one that, right? Or was the burger all that mattered to you? “DURRRR Roman deity style smart GUESS I’M A YINZER currently SIX-BURGH KISS THE RINGS DURRRRR.” And fuck your stupid hair.

"And that’s however my Vikings family became a Viking/Bengals/Eagles/Steelers/Cowboys family …"

Look at Julie! She’s carrying a Vikings jersey and a Cowboys hat! FLAG! I decision A FUCKING FLAG on it OUTFIT! solely Snoop Dogg is allowed to urge away with this type of factor.

I hate this family. I hate this ad. it absolutely was clearly unreal up by some hideous stage director United Nations agency was given implicit directions to showcase a personality disorder tribe of individuals abandoning their original team with great care they will bolt down costlier crap at the NFL look. The NFL desires you to be a fairweather fan so you watch additional games and pull a Laura Quinn together with your jersey each probability you get. It’s noisome, by God. And you recognize what the worst half is? The mum is HAPPY regarding this. She thinks this can be the best factor that has ever happened to her family. Can’t she see the forest for the trees? Can’t she see that she is barely holding along a loveless collective? I bet Brendan and Julie and Dan abominate one another and pay each Thanksgiving observing their phones so that they don’t got to confer with each other. I mean, you may yet have somebody in there locution, “I’ve been a Ravens fan my entire life. on {the other hand|then again} the other day, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean and currently I’m a bay Buccaneers fan.”

So no, I don't have 10 favorite NFL groups. And anyone United Nations agency will have 10 favorite NFL groups, you must punch them within the face.nfl power rankings

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