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To err is to human, but to correct is to divine and hard. Following this saying, when you lose your MOT certificate, it is a small carelessness, but obtaining a duplicate one is an unwanted nuisance in the case. In 2018, it was found that the people in the UK lost around 636,000 MOT certificates. It amounts to 2% of the total MOT test done in the UK in a year.

MOT Hucknall is the annual test that every vehicle older than three years have to take to prove its roadworthiness on the roads of the UK. The test was made compulsory to maintain the safety of higher levels. The test takes in the checks of various essential elements in a car that are necessary for the protection of the driver and others on the roads.

The parts that are checked can be as minor as mirror and windshields, and also complex ones like suspension and wheel alignments. It is a test that is hard to pass, and therefore, the certificate can be said a hard-earned prize. In case the document is lost, you have to get a duplicate one printed from the nearest test centres.


  • Most of the cases are because of forgetfulness of the drivers, and when they get their duplicate certificates printed, it is found that they also retrieve original MOT from their home. It is only a significant inconvenience of getting your vehicle to the test centres and reprinting the certificates.


  • To help the drivers with the cause of a duplicate MOT certificate, the government of the UK has come up with a great solution. If you remember the reference number from the V5C and registration number or test number of the certificate given, then you can print it online. You can download the MOT certificate online in a pdf format and get it printed accordingly.


  • The government has launched the online downloading option of the certificate from 20 May 2019 and onwards. It has much helped the people who have lost their certificates only to find they have misplaced it somewhere in their house.


  • The online service though includes only the motorcycles class 1 and two motorcycles and class 3, 4, 5, & 7 passenger vehicles for now, but they have promised the services for other variants of the cars too. The service for lorries and trailers will be available later in the year 2019.


  • Motorists still can get the duplicate certificates from the test centres at £10. You can use any one of them when asked for the certificate by the authorities.


  • You should download the certificate only from the official site of the government. The website that is provided by the government as if for now is You can make use of the site and download your MOT certificate online without having to visit the test centres in case you have misplaced your MOT test certificate.


We here at Farnsfield Auto Centre, know the importance of your MOT pass certificate and therefore, assure you that the test carried out is authentic. If your test date is near and you are looking for a place, where you can get your MOT Arnold has done without any rigged intentions then book an appointment with us now. You can also call us, we have a team of experts who will help you with all the queries about the MOT test. If you are an owner of a three-year-old vehicle, don't forget to take the advice of our technicians for your first MOT.

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