Online Reputation Management Pricing

The price applied to online reputation management seems to be linked to alchemy fraud, to make matters worse. Their location varies considerably. Craigslist sources can charge $ 200, and large companies can cost $ 10,000 per month. Also, an excellent consultant with no administrative fees may charge a lump sum of $ 10,000 in total for the same problem.

Average cost

Typically, most solutions take about 50 to 200 hours or about 5,000 to 20,000 hours to execute in a few months. For an excellent online reputation management company, this is about 20 hours a month, 5 hours a week, and about 1 hour a day. (Of course, there are exceptions. For example, if you see a negative link at the bottom of the home page, you can save money).

Unreasonable price

Reputation, The price of a bad reputation online includes all of the costs that you think your customers may receive from your plan. Do clients look wealthy? Are they desperate? Among the vicious companies, there is a significant increase in prices to surprise unsuspecting customers.

Low price

In other cases, the company offers unrealistic repair prices. Some people ask $ 2,000 for the problem, but it's $ 10,000 a day. They are reluctant to disturb consumers' issues because they have money for their customers and little money.

Why is this happening?

Businesses may be in a rush to contract with their customers, so they underestimate the cost of repairs, making the solution comfortable. Success rarely achieved, and unfortunately, the company knew from the start that it was right.

Not only does it waste a lot of money, but more importantly, a negative factor means sacrificing business and sales for months (it also damages the reputation of the Online Reputation Management Company itself.

An impossible period

The other problem is to complete at a reasonable pace, not the recovery process. With a few exceptions, it takes days or weeks to resolve a case, not months. If the company's event period is short, it's suspicious. (As mentioned above, the only exception here is the removal of the invalid link.)

Reputation Awards

The reputation pricing method is transparent, honest and clear. The proposal must include a goal, a detailed step-by-step timetable for the solution and an estimated time to complete the online recovery process. If you don't understand or are ambiguous, it's better to find someone else.

How is the price calculated?

Each situation and solution is unique, and there is no universal approach for dealing with a trusted professional. In general, the price of network recovery depends on the severity of the problem and whether or not you see a negative link on Google and whether the article has a negative review. There are more elements but stick to them for simplicity.

Cost based on effort

Calculating an online assessment management solution is simple. The cost depends on the amount of work required to resolve the problem. In general, this involves around 50 to 200 hours of creating targeted content, which requires large-scale development of several online platforms and efforts that need daily troubleshooting. There is almost no simple solution. There are many factors to consider when setting the repair price for managing online assessments but is primarily based on the investigation and analysis of the problem.

The severity of the problem

An important factor when calculating online pricing management pricing is to determine the severity of the problem. If there is a negative link on an approved trust page, the case processing time will be longer (and therefore the price too). Examples include news sites such as The New York Times, CNN, ABC and The Wall Street Journal.

Where is the link posted?

Problems that occur at the bottom of the first page of Google search results are more comfortable to solve and cost less than issues with Google. In general, the first link on the home page takes almost ten times the effort, as more activities and platforms need to designed, developed and updated frequently.

Existing platform or website

If you have little or no platform or website, the online recovery process will be lengthy and costly. It takes time to create a high-quality report, and Google finds and rewards high-quality sites. As with the recording of photos, images, videos, presentations, it is essential to write the original content. Again, it takes time to develop (and, therefore, money). Posting inappropriate content or participating in a publishing group (a rumored online reputation management approach with a black "link farm" hat) can be considered spam and may be punished by Google. Pay attention to low-cost solutions.

Negative comments

Google views the likes of blog posts and the likes and dislikes of social media as "voting." If social media and articles have a lot of negative comments, the recovery of the process includes more.

Price calculation

Therefore, online repair price should check the severity of the problem, the number of existing platforms, in which negative links appear in the search results if there are negative reviews. To see an example of the online reputation management problem and inserting prices, let's add some numbers.

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