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SuperMini is a little portable charger with the biggest battery capacity in its kind. It comes with a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh which can deliver power at 18-watt animal ll need to recharge your phone faster. It is 30% smaller than a traditional 10,000 mAh external battery which means it can fit in virtually any bag or pocket possible so that you can carry it around easily. This power bank has a USB port which can provide rapid three-hour recharge performance without interruption. So that you can take advantage of the rapid charging capabilities with compatible CubeSat 3.0 devices. It features an X mode charging ability which can provide power to your load charging devices without damaging them. This device has raised over 190 thousand US dollars through its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and you should back them up to bring this power bank to reality.

UGREEN 20000 mAh USB CPD Power Bank

power banks

Offering multiple charging options for your devices to save the day this power bank is packed with a powerful 20000 mAh battery that can charge and recharge your devices multiple times. It has a 3 port design which will allow you to charge two USB devices and a PD supported device simultaneously with a total max power of 5 volts and 3 amperes. The USB ports are compatible with quick charge 2.0 and 3.0 also the combination of 18-watt output with the PD charging curve will help you to charge and recharge your PD supported devices quickly. This power bank itself can be recharged faster with the help of a USB type-c adapter and there is an LED indicator that will show how much power is remaining on the power bank. It is built with multiple protection system to protect your device from overcharge over-voltage over current and short circuit. UGREEN is slim portable and it’s wrapped with spatial coating on the surface for better hand grip which will give you a comfortable feeling.

Tronsmart Trim 10000mAh Power Bank

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The Trim USBC power bank from Tronsmart is an extremely light and powerful charging device that can charge and recharge your smartphones and other mobile devices like tablets and cameras efficiently. It uses the world’s teenage 10,000 mAh battery that can deliver power at 18 watts making sure that your device is charged quickly. It has a power delivery port and a USB a port that supports quick charge allowing you to recharge two devices with maximum power at the same time. This power bank follows proprietary safety standards which ensure that your device will be safe from overcharge over temperature and overvoltage. Trim has an ultra-slim body that is engineered to easily fit in your pocket to provide more portability. Also, it can be recharged faster to heat the road at any time. Trim can be a great choice for those who are looking for a slim power bank to use in both indoor and outdoor.

GETIHU Portable Charger 10000 mAh

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A compact and high-speed charger that meets your charging needs. This portable charger has a slim and lightweight body and it’s equipped with a 10,000 mAh lithium polymer battery which enough to power your devices for a full day trip. It has to use before which can charge your USB devices 1.4 times faster than any regular charger. You can also charge two devices at the same time with this portable charger. It will protect your devices from overcharged overvoltage overcurrent short-circuit or any other charging accidents. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of devices it is packed with an additional LED flashlight which can be helpful during imaging situations. If you’re looking for a screen and powerful portable power bank for your device then GETIHU who portable charger is the right choice for you.

RAV Power 16750 mAh Portable Charger

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The portable charger from RAV Power that is a great device to charge your devices without interruption. It is packed with a massive 16750 mAh lithium and battery which can recharge your devices multiple times. It has two USB ports with iSmart 2.0 technology which allows you to recharge two devices seamlessly and provide optimum power delivery. It has a power button and LD indicators which shows how much charge is left on the power bank also there is a flashlight installed which can be useful during emergencies. This portable charger can be recharged within 9 to 10 hours with a 2-ampere charger which is a lot less when you take its massive capacity in mind. If you are looking for our super-portable power bank that can use up all your devices on the move then the RAV Power portable charger is the right choice for you.

Omni Mobile 25600 mAh

best power banks

The Omni Mobile is a power bank that comes with a multitude of output options to conveniently charge all your devices. This power bank is loaded with the massive between 5600 mAh lithium-ion battery which will make sure you always have power in low battery situations. The Omni Mobile has a high powered USB port that has a maximum output of 60 watts which can charge powerful devices like laptops and gaming devices easily. It has two quick charge 3.0 enables USB ports which can provide top of the line fast charging for your devices. This power bank is equipped with wireless charging which allows you to charge your devices wirelessly and gives you the freedom from tangled cords. Despite its massive battery size it takes only three hours to be fully recharged and keeps your devices all are charged. You can bring any other smart devices with you like a smartphone to watch your favorite movie online on Movie Hustle anywhere and don’t worry about charging because the Omni Mobile is here to do that.

MAXOAK 50000 mAh


A powerful and portable power bank to power up all your devices. It packs a massive fifty thousand milliampere our lithium polymer battery which can use up all your dead devices and extend your usage time. It features six output ports which include 120 volts for laptops 112 volts for digital cameras to 5 volts 2.1 ampere and to 5 volts one ampere. For most of the smartphones and USB charged devices, it allows you to charge several devices simultaneously. It comes with ultra-energy-saving and fast charging speed with DC 16.8 volt input which allows you to recharge this battery pack in just 6 to 8 hours. It comes with built-in six security protections which includes surge protection short-circuit prevention and other safety features to ensure safe use. It also comes with 4 intelligent LED indicators that show the remaining power capacity. Its minimal size and lightweight body make it ideal to carry anywhere easily so that you can charge your devices anywhere on the go. If you are looking for a small but powerful power bank that can charge all your devices and even laptops efficiently then MAXOAK 50000 is the right choice for you.

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