Roger Federer|What is Roger Federer like in real life ?

Roger Federer :First of all, he's tall! very tall! i'm one hundred seventy five cm, and nevertheless Roger Federer felt sort of a large next to Pine Tree State. perhaps it's the celebrity issue, i'm unsure. All I will say that this man really is larger than what he sounds like on TV.He didn't feel daunting tho', and he didn't look down at anyone around him.

Roger would inherit the lockers day after day, start up his Rolex, and take a shower. His trainer would accompany him frequently. Roger appeared happy, calm and centered most of the time. Every once in for a while, a man can are available along with his child ANd enkindle an autograph and a photograph with Roger, to that Roger mirthfully agrees.

There was this French family someday UN agency spoke with Roger for AN extended amount, and though Roger’s time was terribly valuable, the speak looked as if it would be terribly positive.


Roger Federer


Generally, things were going terribly well… till the ultimate vs Djokovic! Roger lost that game 6–3, 6–3, and it absolutely was the primary time I saw Roger during this manner. Obviously, losing a final isn't precisely fun, and you may clearly see this on Roger’s face! He managed to require a awfully fast shower, pack his stuff and leave, whereas Djokovic remained till hour celebrating within the Rainbow space as I recall.


Roger Federer 

The most fascinating issue was that some fan got into the locker along with his son, and Roger united to require an image with the guy and his son, sign AN autograph, and have tittle-tattle with total strangers. All of this is often when losing a final! i believed that was one thing else!I think Roger Federer is AN impressive person. He is nice, calm and humble. If you see him on the road someday, i'm certain he’ll be quite happy to require an image with you.


Roger Federer


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