Sennheiser vs Plantronics - Choose the Best for Wireless Headsets

Over the years, different wireless headset companies are manufacturing new, improved versions of their products in aspects like audio quality, battery life, comfort, and noise-canceling features. Sennheiser headsets and Plantronics headsets are the most demanding for offices and personal use. They both are matchless and excellent in impressive noise-canceling technology to give you the undisturbed top-quality sound. Here are some of the specifications which make these headsets different from each other regardless of the expensive price tags they come with. Let us consider two of their models Plantronics Voyager Legend UC and Sennheiser Presence UC.


1. Clear sound quality:

They are highly compatible with the communication centers that deal with calls 24/7 and are worthy of the conference calls, Skype, and webinars. They can be used by students for their educational and leisure purposes. They are the best earplug with high definition sound, providing the best to your hearing senses.

2. Active Noise cancellation:

 The most important thing to consider while taking a headgear is to check for the latest feature, such as dynamic noise cancellation technology. They both are compatible in preventing the distortions and noises from the surrounding towards your ears. Both of them come with three microphones and are highly capable of ultra-noise cancellation feature. This keeps you more focused and concentrated towards your work. They help understand what is said and what an answer to give in return. The magic lies as you can hear crystal clear voices from the far away. They are good at eliminating the distances and sending the audible message without any doubt.

3. Easy to use:

Both are handy and easy to use Plantronics wireless headsets are heavier about 18 grams as compare to the Sennheiser, which is five grams less in weight. They both easily fit the ears giving you a perfect seal to nod or move your head in any direction you like. They do not fall done and are made of the best plastic, which is durable and reliable as well. Further, they both come in the bag enclosure for the safety of the components and to take them along with you on trips

4. Neodymium magnet:

Devices with neodymium magnet inserts are lighter and more powerful than those using ferrite magnets. They provide quality sound with more bass and high notes. Sennheiser wireless headsets possess these types of features, whereas Plantronics earplugs do not have this insertion.

5. Connectivity and battery life:

Both of the devices are compatible to attach to different devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets. They can be connected wirelessly and come in the Bluetooth version. They have rechargeable batteries and have battery level indicators as well. They both come with a weather-sealed shield that prevents failures from all kinds of weather conditions. 

 6. Compatible for voice assistant:

 These devices are highly efficient with voice assistants; for example, the ability to connect with Siri. You can call upon them and ask to guide you for the direction on the go or check the weather or call your friend. These are all sorts of friendly assistance that these headpieces provide for your comfort.

 Whatever your reason may be to upgrade your headphones or tired of the previously used ear pairs, you must consider all these factors before buying any earwig. Buy the best with confidence and enjoy the rest.

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