Shillong-Cherrapunji calendar

shillong/silong: Someone opened a shop jump in the village of Maolyang at noon. Some are doing household chores. Getting down from the car to the village took some time to get metal. The temperature is worse than the temperature Google reported. But one of Google's data seems to be correct, MaoLiang is the cleanest village in Asia! In front of every house is a brick ladder for tourists on the narrow streets, and everywhere there is a basket of cane-made garbage. There is no way to throw dirt out of the basket if you wish. Living tree bridge built on the roots of this village's natural tree, the pull of the green tree bridge on one side is the flowing fountain on the other. The sound of the flowing water is like the drunken melody of a French violinist. Continuing to be bad. With this observation of the shower in the village of Shillong, India, I returned the way.

On August 8, we left from South Surma in Sylhet with the rain on August 7 at 7am. There are four of us on this trip. Destination - Shillong-Cherupunji, India, a cloud-laden lakeland crossing the Tamabil-Dauki border. After the journey, the first destination reached Maolingang village in the afternoon. Enjoying the beauty of the village, the exhaustion started to wane.




Now the city of Shillong is the destination. Lunch break The restaurant has green grass, grassy carpets and chairs all over the place. Suddenly Scotland thinks it will not be wrong. As far as the eyes go, the broad green horizon and the blue sandal mesh are tied. Like a teenage girl, there is a cloud of activity. The food she had was nectar. In such an environment, after having no tea in the afternoon, going upstairs to the Bengali noon-nature contradiction! We could not The sun went down in the western sky after drinking tea. The calculation of time was no longer in the head. The cellphone, the camera that was busy framing the beauty around. However, this time there was no break in the direction, straight to the hotel. At that moment, the evening light began to glow. I can see small houses lining the hillsides. Near the city, it seemed that the city of Shillong had burned down without having to spend too much of its existence on the surface of the land.

If you come to a new place, you are not in danger at all? Our driver dropped us off at the guesthouse. However, after a while I realized that we had gone down to another guesthouse of the same name or that the driver had mistakenly dropped it. The owner of the guesthouse, however, came out on his own. He spoke by phone at the number of the apartment house we booked. Shortly afterwards we reached our assigned address. But again the turn of the mind. As I saw in the picture online, I did not book. However, I do not have time to spend so much time on fatigue, that I went to sleep. The next morning, I changed places and went up to Amnesty, that is, where I made a mistake last night.

New morning in the new city. Today's destination is Cherrapunji, the Seven Sisters fruit. In the morning, the potato parrot with egg and fried eggs appeared in the car.

The mountains around the road are green and desolate. We arrived at Cherrapunji, Meghalaya's daughter. In Cherrapunji, the cloud of fame is famed for rain. However, we could not see the rain. The mood of the seven fountains in the softness of Rodella made our mind swirl with rhythm. Seven colors of rainbow are being created naturally in the lower part of the shrubs. It takes a beating in its extraordinary beauty.

Like the second day, the journey is over. It's the turn of the day before the evening comes back. At nine o'clock in the city all the work stops. Fresh at night, we sat in the dining room of the guesthouse. Potatoes, Dalmakhani, egg yolks and chicken, the taste of the food is now in the air.

There was no interruption of sleep at night. In the morning, I woke up to the sweet sunshine that came through the little window next to my head. And there was an air of dirty air coming from the far side. Standing on the porch, I woke up in the mountains and saw the start of a new day for the people of the city. This is the last morning in our cloud-mountain town.

After breakfast I set off for Guwahati. The distance from Shillong to Guwahati is about 5 km. On the way to Guwahati, I also saw Umium Lake. The opportunity to ride a boat in the lake can no longer be missed. And the experience was rich. Then ride again.

It was late afternoon to reach Guwahati. Guwahati is famous for its temple. Umananda Temple is like an island situated between Brahmaputra. There is also a small launch. We got up as a passenger on the last trip last afternoon. In the middle of the river, we saw the light of day. Inside the launch is a periodic breakfast and tea. The mind is impossible fixed. Therefore, the calculation of good taste of food is also useless. The temple, which is surrounded by vacuum and evening light, has created a different atmosphere. From the launch down the steps to the temple were many steps. The mantra of worship and the sound of the entrance. The temple is covered by huge trees. From this volatile environment we make our way back to the launch. Before entering the hotel, I cleared all the calculations of our driver, Amad Bhai. But it was during this time that Amod Bhai became one of his party, an invisible brotherhood was formed. This calculation is no more. Do not have some calculations in the khirokhata.

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