9 Best Tips to Lighten Up Outdoor Staircase


Staircase: When people go to a house or an apartment, often the first thing that they encounter is a set of stairs. So it is important to try to put a little effort into making the outdoor stairs look nice and also have the proper safety considerations so that nobody will get hurt when using them.


People often focus on either one of these aspects but not both, and then they are left with less than desirable lighting. It is possible to get nice stair lighting that provides both a nice appearance as well as safety features by calling a renowned electrician in your area such as emergency electrician of central coast.


Usually, the very first thing that someone will notice when they get to a home or to an apartment is the stairs and the lights on the stairs. So you should really think about decorating the outdoor stairs with nice-looking lights and also consider the relevant safety issues when doing so. Implement the following ideas to perfectly light up your outdoor staircases:


1. Follow Government Rules

The government has rules and regulations when it comes to outdoor stair lights, so this is obviously a very important factor to keep in mind when installing them. These laws might change depending on where you live, so it is a good idea to check them out before you install anything.


There are laws as far as the safety of outdoor stairs that you have to follow, and you should take this into account when you are installing outdoor stair lights.


2. Match It with The Decor Of Your House

You will also want to think about how the lights are going to look and how they fit in with the rest of the home as you want to be sure that everything matches. There are many options so you should be able to find something that looks good with the rest of the home.


It is optimum to consider whether the lighting system at staircases blend in with the rest of the house or not.


3. Weather Resistant Switches

You should also consider the light switches and attempt to make them weather resistant so that you don't run into any electrical problems. This is something that is often overlooked but is quite important.


To install outdoor switches always take help of a qualified and experienced electrician in your area such as Hudson electrician Sydney who also offer emergency services central coast.


4. Choose Good Lighting Fixtures

Energy-saving light fixtures and lights which can save you money over time is the best option. Even though they might be more money at first, they often pay for themselves over time and so they make a wise investment. You can opt for recessed lighting even outside.


This is something that many people are choosing these days, and it has a very nice look whether inside or outside so you would probably be happy with this option as well.


Spotlights are an option, but they are not the most common because of the simple fact that they are not the best for this type of lighting. Most homeowners will opt for more practical lighting - recessed lights.


These types of light fixtures are installed on the vertical riser of the stair, and all the wiring is hidden under the deck out of view. They work really well and will not be in the way as they mount flush.


5. Safety First

So when it comes to outdoor stair lights, remember that you are looking to combine safety and appearance and it is possible to get both at once.  Something that many people have been using recently is the motion-detecting lighting which turns on and off based on the motion in the immediate area. This can be a great feature, depending on your needs.


Another best way to ensure the safety of your deck is through the use of step lighting. Step lighting fixtures come in several different types and how you install them depends on what type you get.


Really the only reason someone would go to the lengths of installing them is to provide light for anyone that needs to navigate the stairs. In case your step lighting stops working properly, call the nearby electrician who is ready to offer its services 24*7 such as Central Coast emergency electrician.


6. Hide Wires Neatly

Try to hide the wiring neatly under the deck, so it doesn't hang down and create an unsightly looking mess. Sometimes it is not possible to access the area under the deck if this is the case run your wiring under the railings and behind the staircase.


7. Solar Powered Lights

Another option is to go with solar-powered lights if you have adequate sunlight to charge the batteries. Solar lights do not require any wires to be strung, but if the solar panel does not get the sunlight, they will not perform the way they are intended to.


Most solar lights will not give off as much light as a regular light fixture, but for a stair light that is perfect.


8. Reflects Light Down The Stairs

There are a few different choices in styles when it comes to these types of lights. Some of them are clear so you can see the light inside. These are not always the best choice for stairs because they can be blinding when approaching the deck.


The best choice, in my opinion, would be to purchase a set that deflects the light down onto the stairs.


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