10 To-Die-For Strawberry Cake Recipies For Your Sugar Cravings

What is the first thing that comes to your mind pon hearing cakes? A pathway to heaven is what comes to my mind. It is so aptly said that there is nothing that a cake can’t fix. Generally, cakes become the solution to every problem I face in my life. For say, If I have a rough day in office, the first thing that I do after returning home is order cake online and make my stress go away with the first bite of the delicious cake. Honestly, I am one of those sugar maniacs who cannot choose between any particular cake. However, it is a bold statement to make, but I have a slight inclination for strawberry cakes. I just cannot get enough of strawberry cakes. Strawberry cakes become totally irresistible for me, and I am sure most of you cannot deny the fact. 


This perfectly fruity cake has every reason to be on your menu at your next potluck or dinner party. This dessert has got everything to make your friends, family, or colleagues smile over the dining table. It is neither simple nor an over-the-top cake. Available in a massive variety in the market, the strawberry flavored cakes can make your heart skip a beat. 


How about learning a few strawberry cake recipes that you can prepare for yourself and by yourself anytime at home. It is time you ring some of these delicacies home, so here are a few strawberry riched cakes that will make you drool over them. Let’s begin!!


Pink Lady Cake

This classy cake is made using a cake mix and super easy to be baked. You will be captivated by the heavenly taste of this delicacy. Get a taste of berry patch in every slice of the cake and get those excited taste buds a blissful trip. 


Pinwheel Cake and Cream

This cake has a distinguishing feature of bringing the creative side of yours. Its recipe is so good that you will not just enjoy ingesting it but also will love the journey of baking. This summer is just perfect for your summer desserts. Get your gang goes berserk over its punchy, fruity, and tangy taste. 


All-American Strawberry Layer Cake

Searching for a berry best company? Look no more! With this All-American Strawberry Layer Cake, leverage the taste of berries (that to your favorite berry, strawberry), with all those fibers and Vitamin C. The best part is it is a light creamy, fruity cake coming with the goodness of freshly chopped strawberries. 


Strawberry Icebox Cake

Make your weekends crazy with this rich in berries delicacy, creamy no-bake dessert stuffed with plumped berries. Though the cake looks like a million bucks, it is an easy recipe to be baked. However, if you don’t want to move out of that cozy bed in that lazy weekend, look for online cake delivery and get this delicacy delivered at your doorsteps.


Strawberry Swirl Cake

If we talk about the good looks, this strawberry swirl cake is winning the game. This delicacy looks undoubtedly terrific. What else could you ask for more than a pretty looking cake and heavenly taste throughout? Nothing, right? 


Party Margarita Cake

Party Margarita cake might remind you of Cinco de Mayo, apt for grand celebration be it any time of the year. An elegant combination of tart and sweet makes it even more desirable and worth craving for. 


Summery Berry Cake

This cake flaunted a moist yellow cake intact with all American red, blue, white whipped cream and topped with berry-licious toppings. It is a distinct fruit dessert recipe you would want to make throughout the year. 


Patriotic Poke Cake

Who needs a dynamic cake recipe? Here comes Patriotic Poke Cake that will just light up your dining table. Flaunt your patriotic colors with this delicate dessert after a mind-smothering meal. I can bet you anything on this that once you taste or make this delicacy, you will definitely going to get hooked with it. 


Heavenly Freezer Cake

Have an important date? Or do you want to impress your guests or colleagues? This is the correct dessert to help you with it. And guess what? This cake is the most natural homemade ice cream cake ever. This delicacy will taste as if it is a store-bought product, and all the credit goes to strawberry. 


Traditional Strawberry Shortcake

You have not even had a meal if there is no dessert. Be it a cookie, pie, or a cake, it is the desert only that makes a meal feel complete in al true senes. This classic, scratch-made strawberry shortcake delicacy, never fails to impress the crowd present in any celebration.


So, when I say I have a little more inclination towards strawberry cakes, then I have got every damn reason to claim it. However, if your busy schedule does not allow you to try your culinary skills with these delicacies, you can look for an online cake order in Kolkata and never let your taste buds awaits any dessert.

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