VMware Cloud Providers in over 120 countries

VMware Cloud Providers in over 120 countries

VMware has announced some innovations that allow it to modernize data centers, expand service portfolios, and open new opportunities for developer application services.     

The VMware announced some innovations across the platform VMware Cloud Provider that will help cloud providers to expand their business opportunities . These innovations will enable cloud vendors to deliver industrialized hybrid clouds to customers from anywhere, including customer data centers, cloud vendor data centers, VMware Cloud on AWS as a managed service and hyperscale public cloud.

VMware's expanded portfolio will also enable cloud vendors to offer new services for differentiation and, in turn, potential revenue growth, and create developer-ready clouds that support modern applications. Check about the new cyber security threats in 2019.

“VMware's cloud vendor strategy is to empower our Partners with the flexibility to provide the industrialized hybrid cloud, built in a VMware software-defined data center, from anywhere the customer chooses , ” explained Rajeev Bhardwaj, unit vice president Cloud Provider product business model. “Today, more than ten million VMs run on VMware Cloud Provider clouds. Through our SDDC everywhere in the cloud vendor strategy, VMware and its Partners help organizations operate more efficiently and create more value, enabling significant cost savings and time spent on day-to-day technology operations. -day ” .


VMware Cloud Provider Platform enables Partners to deliver a modern industrialized hybrid cloud that combines automation, efficiency and security capabilities at scale with lower total cost of ownership and simple one-click infrastructure and service deployment. At the heart of the VMware Cloud Provider platform is VMware vCloud Director, an open and extensible cloud service delivery platform.

There are currently over 4,300 VMware Cloud Providers in over 120 countries, operating in over 10,000 data centers. VMware Cloud Providers are trusted consultants for customers who need the knowledge and guidance to navigate their cloud journey.

These cloud providers range from hyperscalers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud to strategic regional providers with specific geographic, vertical, or service-specific knowledge.


The number of VMware Cloud Verified Partners - a set of Strategic Partners offering full VMware SDDC as a service as well as value-added services - has quadrupled last year to over 60 worldwide.

VMware continues to expand VMware Cloud Provider Platform to provide monetizable services that help cloud providers better meet their customers' needs. VMware Cloud Provider partners can focus on creating and delivering more services that add value, revenue, and improved margins to their business. The company is enabling cloud providers with additional growth areas through the following programs and offerings:


• New VMware Cloud Provider Ready for DraaS program - currently eight cloud providers are up and running, offering disaster-as-a-service (DraaS) in their cloud with VMware technology using the latest version of VMware vCloud Availability. End users can easily view DraaS partners online at  cloud.vmware.com , quickly connect directly to these partners, and easily establish a protection solution to choose their cloud provider.

• Unified Private Cloud, Hosted, and Multi-Tenant Viewing - Providers will be able to expand their offerings to include private and multi-tenant cloud with the Centralized Point of Management (CPOM) feature integrated natively in vCloud Director. This feature will mitigate the challenges and costs associated with creating custom tools for managing various types of cloud terminals. Providers benefit from a unified view of the data center health and status of Virtual Machines (VMs) in a global cloud property across all endpoints.


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