War Movie |What is your reaction after watching the movie of War?

War Movie : First Reaction-Hrithik and Tiger this is going to be a treat in terms of action and dance but I was disappointed by some physics defying action sequences similar to the likes of race 3

War Movie

1)      A tendency to stick with mainstream, populist cinema, as exemplified by Kick's recent box-office success.
2) A general lack of appreciation for offbeat cinema and a need to broaden our mindsets....even to this day there are films that are made for the "masses" and films that are made for the "classes". Why this artificial distinction?
3) because many of us (not all) are not mature enough to appreciate cinema that glorifies the brave men who defend our borders
4) a lack of understanding of the deep emotional and physical turmoil that these men undergo on a daily basis
5) most film production houses in India are unwilling to finance such "risky" projects, often opting for "safer" alternatives.War Movie

2)      First of all, let me tell you that the teaser was simply outstanding. This is probably a never seen before action film in Bollywood(not South films).

3)     Now coming to your question, well, the first thing is that before seeing the trailer, it is difficult to predict anything. There have been several instances in the past, when the teaser looked promising, but the trailer turned out to be disappointing, and so was the film, eg, this year's Kalank. Even Saaho teaser was outstanding, but the trailer honestly to me is very disappointing, looking like Race 3, and so, I do doubt it's potential in the Hindi belt. Now coming back to War, yes, I repeat the teaser is excellent. Let the trailer release. I hope the trailer too turns out to be superb. We can also rely on Hrithik Roshan. He rejected YRF film Thugs of Hindostan, but is still doing YRF film. That indicates, that he has bothered a lot about the script.

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