Wear a Ruby stone and bring success in your professional life

    Wear a Ruby stone and bring success in your professional life


Ruby or Manik is a valuable Red Gemstone which belongs to Corundum mineral species. Ruby Gemstone is especially pure red in color, but other red shades also available of this. In Indian astrology, It is associated with the Sun planet and the birthstone of July month. The price of Ruby stone starts from 1,000 Rs or $15 per carat to 50,000 Rs or $750 per carat depending upon the quality, clarity, color, and shape. 

Benefits of Ruby Gemstone :-

According to the Indian astrology Ruby is connected with the Sun. It is known to everybody that, among nine planets, Sun is the most powerful, authoritative, huge source of energy and Respectable. A powerful Sun is a sign of leadership, motivation, and confidence. Wearing a Ruby Gemstone is profitable for those people who is in a Government job, Senior position in a private company, or having their own business. Ruby is also helpful for those people having lack leadership qualities and low confidence. Ruby stone helps to gain fame, a stable relationship, and also acknowledgment from higher authorities people. Ruby helps to achieve a warm relationship with family, partner, and society members. As per western astrology, Ruby is also a birthstone for July birth month people. Nowadays, you can get Ruby stone online from various online gemstone websites. 

Properties of Ruby Gemstone :-

Under long-wave UV light, ruby looks strong red fluorescence color. Due to red fluorescence, a fine Ruby glows like intense red in Sunlight. Ruby gemstone online is available at different prices depending upon the different properties of Ruby. 

● On Moh’s scale, the hardness of Ruby is 9

● Anisotropic is the optic character of Ruby.

● Reflective index (RI) of Ruby gemstone is 1.76-7.78

● Specific Gravity (SG) is 3.9 - 4.01

● Having Fluorescence property: shows a strong red color under long-wave UV.

● Pleochroism: Strong Dichroism


Facts of Ruby stone :-

In Hindi, Ruby gemstone is called as ‘Manik’ or ‘Manikya.’ Ruby is also known to ‘Ratnaraj which means ‘king of Gemstones.’ In Latin, Ruber means red, and the name Ruby has come from this Latin word. Ruby stone is considered as a symbol of power and love. In history, Ruby is admired as a famous king and queen. Ruby is from Corundum mineral species, which includes all color sapphire and Ruby. Various types of Ruby are easily available in the Ruby gemstone online store.


Origin of Ruby

Africa is the biggest source of fine quality Rubies. Small amounts of Ruby stone is also found in Thailand, Cambodia, Brazil, India, some parts of Australia, Namibia, Colombia, Scotland, and Japan. In earlier days, Rubies were mined in Myanmar which was known as Burmese Ruby, but for the political condition, ruby mining has been stopped. But in the market, the Burmese Ruby is available which is actually collected from the old jewelry articles. 


Color of Ruby Gemstone

Red is the original color of Ruby. But you can get various different secondary colors like orange, purple, pink and violet in the ruby stone online store. The original color of ruby is compared to Pigeon’s Red color. 


Clarity :-

Rubies are also having many inclusions like other sapphires. So, most of the Rubies are transparent to dark. This kind of transparent rubies are very rare, and the price is also very high. Because of the transparent texture, it looks like a pinkish shade. For this reason, optimum transparency is the most preferred ruby. 


Carat :-

The weight of the Ruby gemstone is measured in carat. You can get different sizes of a ruby in the Ruby gemstone online websites. Big sizes Rubies are rarer than the small ones. So, the price of the big size ruby is higher than the small size ruby for the same quality. 


How to wear a Ruby gemstone :-

If your astrologer suggests you wear a Ruby stone, then you should purchase it from a trustworthy ruby stone online store or a local shop. You should wear the Ruby stone on the Day time of Sunday by chanting the Surya Beej Mantra. You can wear a ruby as a ring or in a pendant. For getting the best astrological results, the ruby stone should be energized and accurately activated according to Vedic procedures. It should be worn in the ring finger. Gold or panch-dhaatu alloy is suitable for this stone. 


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