What are the perfect metals for women ring?

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Rings play a very significant role in couples’ life. It is the symbol of commitment, loyalty and love towards your spouse. In the past man presents the rings to the woman, they want to spend life with. At that time, it shows the ownership of the man on the women. But lately the trend remains the same but the meaning is changed. Know the ring is used to make someone feel special. If you are planning to propose your girlfriend, search for women ring. It helps you out in choosing the best and unique.


Different metals used to make women rings


  • Gold: It is the types of metal that are most common. Also, a perfect one for the making of the ring. There are many other types of gold too like white gold and rose gold. Both are unique and beautiful.
  • Silver: If you have a low budget, then silver is the best option for you. it is the cheapest metal among others. You can get a good-quality ring ate a very reasonable price.
  • Platinum: Now day platinum is the famous and first choice of many women. The ring made up of Platinum is 95% pure. It is more than any other metal. Means very strong and durable. But the metal is quite expensive.
  • Palladium: it is similar to platinum but less expensive. The metal is very shiny and white naturally. Didn't need a lot of maintenance and very durable at the same time.
  •  Titanium: This metal is stronger and more reliable than gold. The metal has no allergic reaction at all. It is suitable for those that have an allergic reaction.   


Different types of women rings


The women ring came in different sizes, shapes and settings. You can select the one according to your preference.  

  •  Different settings for women ring

Bezel setting ring: The setting of this ring is very eye-catching. You can see very clearly, how the edges are is holding a stone.


Prong setting of the ring: It is a very common ring setting yet considered the best one. In this setting, only one stone is mounted on the top of the ring. Minimum 2 and maximum of 6 prongs hold the stone.  

Cluster setting: In this setting, one big stone is mount in the middle and many other small stones around it.

Chanel setting rings This ring setting if the favourite of many women. In the setting different stones are used. They all are in contact with each other. Only the side of the rings holds these stones with the help of prongs.

Bar setting rings: Many women didn't know this type with a name. it is very unique and elegant looking setting. As it is clear from the name that bars are used to keep the stone in place.


  •   Different shape of rings for women

Heart-shaped rings: The shape of this ring is very easy to understand. In this ring, the heart-shaped stone is used. Not every woman is confident enough to wear it.

Round shape rings: it is a very common shape used among women. A large round shape stone is mounted on the top, that is the reason the ring gets this name.

Oval shaped ring: it is another common type of ring, carrying an oval stone.


The type of rings women must own


There are some significant rings that women must-have.

  •  One of the tops is unique engagement rings. It shows the commitment of their partner towards them. Many women like to wear it 24/7.


  •  The other types of the ring are the one that matches with your horoscope. It is also called a birthstone ring. The women who believe in astrology love to wear these rings.


  •  The other rings that are so much in trend now a day are eternity rings. It is used as the symbol of forever love.

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