Secrets You must know about Wordpress

Secrets You must know about Wordpress

After the boom in the internet, WordPress is known for the global hub for bloggers. From blogging to creating a website, WordPress offers a solution for every business. In the virtual world, WordPress holds the majority of the world’s websites. Whether you are new to the virtual world or an old player, your first choice is definitely WordPress. 

WordPress is a user-friendly website builder that is not only easy to use but also offers more than 5 thousand plugins that enables you to customize your website effectively. Majority of the website owners don’t know the secrets to get effective WordPress website. 

In recent years, as there is an increase in WordPress blogging, every website owner needs visitors. The basic SEO optimization is not the only thing that is crucial but customizing your website to be user-friendly is also essential. This blog will let you know the top secrets that will help you to build an effective WordPress website. 


Your WordPress Hosting  

The secret of success in the virtual world is highly dependent on the hosting. You need to go with the right WordPress hosting provider that offers reasonable rates and 100 percent uptime guarantee just like host break. You can go with Best WordPress Hosting Pakistan to get rid of technical hurdles. 


Easy Navigation

Navigation plays an important role in making your WordPress website user-friendly. Keeping your navigations simple and direct will help you to give a user-friendly look. Focus on providing a solution to the readers rather than making them confused with your graphics, content or navigations. You can use the following plugins for adopting the user-friendly WordPress website. 


  • Page Navigation: You can use the WP-Pagenavi and WP Page number plugin. 


  • Breadcrumbs: Adding breadcrumbs will help you get effective page navigation. To get bread crumbs you can use BreadcrumbNavXT plugin.


  • Up Button: To get up button scroll to top. 


Easy to Use Noting Function

If your WordPress is getting visitors and people are commenting on your blog, then it means you are quite successful in engaging the users. This is the time where you need to be more efficient in providing the user-friendly website. Follow the given checklist and consider those that relate to your website. 


Comment Widget: An easy comment box is an essential requirement for every website. You can use HyperComments plugin. 


Comment Preview: Nowadays more websites are using comment preview to give the users the preview of their comments. You can use Filosofo comments preview feature to get comment preview. 


Integration with Social Media

The website visitors and the worth of your content all come from social media sharing. Social media is the only platform that can make your content viral or you can get sufficient visitors. You need to add an easy social media share button on your WordPress site. You can use the social share button or Yandex share button plugin on your website. 


Feedback Form

Majority of the website owners and bloggers neglect the need of feedback forms. You will need to add a feedback form to enable communication and listen to the user’s point of view regarding your website. You can add feedback form by using the contact form plugin or contact form 7. 



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